90-day grooms of stars who still hold a grudge against their exes


There have been many dramatic breakups in the 90-day Groom franchise, and some stars still hold grudges against their exes. The 90-day-old groom has seen couples break up for various reasons, such as constant quarrels, infidelity or a mismatch of character. Often actors do not hide their opinions about their exes after a breakup.

Some franchise stars may break up peacefully because they understand that their relationship is unhealthy. In particular, when there are children, couples try to make their breakup as smooth as possible, and they do not have bitter feelings for their former partners. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Several stars of the franchise openly shared their opinions about their exes on social networks. Moreover, some of them overshadowed their exes in interviews and other public appearances. For some actors, the bitterness towards their exes is obvious even years later, and many stars of 90 Days Fiancé still hold a grudge against their former partners.

Stephanie Matto

The relationship between Erica Owens and Stephanie Matto was not easy from the very beginning, when they starred in the film “The Groom for 90 days: up to 90 days.” In Stephanie’s relationship with her now ex-girlfriend, there were many alarming signals. Their relationship was strained due to Stephanie’s controlling behavior and dramatic quarrels, and it seems that the couple left grievances that continue to surface years later. The last incident occurred when Stephanie mentioned Erica unflatteringly in an interview. The Australian responded to Stephanie’s criticism by urging her ex-girlfriend to forget about her. Since the show aired, it has become clear that the grievances of the 90-day-old groom’s couple are of a long-standing nature.

Tim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarasona

Tim Malcolm and Jennifer Tarasona broke off their relationship shortly after they starred in the film “Up to 90 Days”. The couple had a contentious relationship and have since moved on to new partners. Jeniffer is dating the infamous Jesse Mister, and they starred in the extra show 90 Day: The Single Life. Tim said that Jesse and Jennifer are “the perfect couple” as they are both “self-centered, selfish and narcissistic people.” Tim and the Colombian model had several feuds after the breakup, as Tim made questionable statements about Jennifer and Jesse.Nevertheless, the star of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise Jennifer was not afraid to lash out at the American. The couple’s uneasy relationship has left behind grievances that still surface from time to time.

Andrew Kenton

Andrew Kenton starred in the 8th season of “The 90-day Groom” with his ex-fiancee Amira Lollisa. He quickly became the villain of the season due to gaslighting and manipulative behavior towards Amira. At the end of the season, Amira changed her mind about moving to the United States after the couple had an explosive dispute. Recently, Andrew has been still accusing Amira on Instagram, accusing her of being a “fame-hungry” liar. Nevertheless, an American kindergarten worker has tried to make positive changes in his life, and it remains to be seen whether his new look will help to let go of resentments.

Lisa Hamm

One of the most controversial couples in “Up to 90 Days” was Lisa Hamme and her ex-husband Usman “Sojaboy” Umar. Lisa quickly became one of the most famous actors because of her abusive behavior. When Lisa married a Nigerian rapper, it soon became apparent that Usman was using her to promote his music career. After their divorce, Lisa drags Usman on social networks, including calling him the N-word. Since then, Lisa has remarried, but the villain from the franchise continued to share harsh comments about his ex-husband, for example, insulting Usman’s hygiene. Nevertheless, many fans believe that the villain from the “90-day groom” should finally get rid of her grievances against her ex-husband.