90-day grooms of stars who lost weight before parting


Some stars of the TV series “90 days of the groom” have lost their partners after serious weight changes. However, several actors have changed their lives since their fitness journey began. Angela Dim, of course, is among the best actors of the series “90-day groom”, who have undergone noticeable physical changes. Angela has lost more than 100 pounds in the last two years with the help of some procedures. Angela realized for the first time that she needed to change her lifestyle after constantly feeling short of breath and fatigue.

This health problem pushed her to drastic measures, and she chose surgery to remove the stomach. Now the 56-year-old is happier than ever and throwing parties like she’s a teenager. Another cast member who decided to start the path to weight loss is Darcy Silva. When she first appeared in the TV series “The 90-day groom”, she became popular because of her personality and sense of style. However, now Darcy has lost weight and even undergone a transformation with her twin sister Stacey Silva.

The twin sisters now look slimmer than ever and even wear a completely different look with blonde hair and big lips. While Angela and Darcy are happy with their weight loss, several other actors of the “90-day groom” had a harder time after the weight transformation. In fact, some stars have broken off relationships.

Tiffany Franco

Tiffany Franco was featured in the first season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way” together with Ronald Smith, and by the end of the season the couple were married. Since her marriage, the Maryland native has been slowly working on her physique and has lost more than 50 pounds. Eventually, in June 2021, Tiffany opted for gastric removal surgery to begin her fitness journey. Unfortunately, while Tiffany achieved her weight loss, she broke up with Ronald. In December 2021, Ronald confirmed his divorce from Tiffany, praising his new girlfriend Lauren Fraser.

Big Ed

Big Ed may be one of the most famous stars in the history of the 90-day groom. In January 2021, a 57-year-old man received a lot of praise from fans for losing 18 pounds. A few months later, the popular actor lost 25 pounds and shared his slimmed-down face on social media. Ed was with Liz at the time, and their relationship seemed to be going well. However, few expected the couple to break up soon. According to Liz, she broke up with Ed because of his narcissistic behavior. Since then, the two have established their relationship and are ready to take part in the film “90-day groom: happily ever after?”. Season 7 together.

Chantelle Everett

Chantelle Everett was featured in season 4 of “90 Day Fiancé” with Pedro Jimeno. Fans have always loved this couple, so they got their own spin-off The Family Chantel. Participating in different seasons of the show, Chantelle demonstrated significant weight loss. Although the former “90-day Groom” star has never been overweight, she has changed her body thanks to extensive workouts and has always claimed that she is completely natural. Thanks to the success of The Family Chantel and the popularity of the couple, fans never expected that they would divorce. According to recent reports, it was Pedro who filed for divorce from Chantelle. Fans hope that these 90-day groom stars will continue to achieve their fitness goals despite their messy breakups.