90-day grooms of stars who changed their appearance with botox


Many actors of the series “90-day groom” openly talked about Botox, fillers and plastic surgery. Most of the stars of the franchise who changed their appearance told fans the details of their transformation on social networks or during the show. TLC viewers have always appreciated the candid conversations of reality TV stars about cosmetic procedures.

Some of the stars of “The 90-day Groom” have overdone some of their plastic surgery procedures. For example, Darcy Silva is often featured in the headlines due to her numerous procedures that have made her almost unrecognizable. Some viewers believe that the cosmetic procedures she underwent are exaggerated. Among other things, the controversial star of the TV series “90-day groom” Angela Dim has also undergone major changes as a result of her path to weight loss and several plastic surgery procedures.

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However, some cosmetic procedures have led to more subtle results. Former participants of the series “90-day groom” Karina Martins and Varya Malina had small procedures to improve facial features. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox injections have always been used by the stars of the 90-day groom to help smooth out facial lines, wrinkles and help the face look thinner. Over the years, many stars of the 90-day groom have used Botox to change their appearance.

Larisa Lima

The former star of the franchise Larisa Lima is known for her numerous plastic surgeries. When Larisa first appeared in the TV series “90 days of the groom”, the audience quickly learned about her love for plastic surgery. The Brazilian beauty was injected with Botox in various parts of her face, and according to Monsters and Critics, she said she used Botox to specifically “relax the muscles around her mouth” and “make her smile less sticky.”

Erica Owens

90-day groom: Before the 4th season of “90 Days”, Erica Owens openly told her fans about botox and lip fillers. An Australian reality TV star has been criticized on social media for advertising botox and fillers. However, according to Daily Mail, Erica responded to Internet trolls, saying that she “promotes self-love in all forms, natural or not.”

Ariela Weinberg

Ariela Weinberg is one of the last stars of the 90—day groom who jumped on the botox van. After fans’ arguments about plastic surgery, Ariela admitted that she had done Botox in her Instagram post. According to “Monsters and Critics,” the former cast of “The 90-Day Groom: The Other Way” also admitted to doing a Brazilian butt lift. Many fans have noticed significant changes in the appearance of the star. Although Ariela also said that she had injections in her jaw to relieve a TMJ condition that affects the joints in her jaw.


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