90-day groom: Yara seems to be shadowing Yulia Trubkina in Snarky Post


Yara Zaya and Yulia Trubkina from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise have shared both friendly and cold moments over the years, but fans believe that Yara is definitely calling her colleague from the Season 8 movie in a recent Instagram comment. Yara and Julia appeared both in the 8th season of “The 90-day groom” and in “The 90-day groom: Happily ever after?”. Season 6 together with their husbands. However, currently only Yara and her husband Jovi Dufresne continue to work in the franchise.

TLC has officially announced six of the seven couples who will appear in the series “Happily Ever After”? The 7th season, which will air at the end of August after the completion of the 9th season of “The 90-day groom”. Although the seventh featured couple has not yet been announced, many viewers believe that it will be the new couple of the 9th season of the 90-day groom, such as Shaida Suin and Bilal Hazziez. While Ukrainian Yara and her husband Jovi will return to continue showing their relationship, Russian dancer Yulia will not appear with her husband Brandon Gibbs. Yulia told fans that she believes she was not chosen because she is Russian.

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Reddit user u/Few-Replacement4373 shared an image from Yara’s recent Instagram story, which shows her apparently obscuring Julia’s recent comment. Yara posted a heavily filtered image of herself making an irritated face with the text “my reaction when Russians complain that the world discriminates against them.” A Reddit user asked fans if they thought Yara’s post was meant to outshine Julia, and viewers of the 90-day-old groom overwhelmingly agreed that this was a clear attack on the Russian dancer. “It’s a shadow without a doubt, lol. I am also 100% here,” wrote u/ZombieePanda. Many commentators said that they supported Yara calling Yulia, because the Russian woman was trying to lime herself. “I live for this. I hate how Julia tried to make herself look like a victim,” the original poster wrote.

Julia initially attracted the sympathy of fans of 90 Day Fiancé when they got the impression that she was forced to work on her husband’s farm. However, fans turned away from her when it turned out that Julia willingly took on her husband’s troubles, and then exposed herself as a victim. Therefore, few fans feel sympathy for her at the moment. In addition, many commentators believe that Julia and Brandon were not chosen simply because of their storyline in their first season of “Happily Ever After?” it wasn’t convincing. “Yulia is mistaken, thinking that the reason she is not participating in HEA is because she is Russian,” wrote u/thatevianthattedtalk. Many commentators supported that Yara was not mistaken in calling Julia, as many fans believe that Julia looked tearful and unable to grasp the reality that fans consider her and Brandon boring.

This isn’t the first time Julia and Yara have been feuding, and it’s not the first time fans have sided with Yara over Julia. The two ladies started out as friendly, but their relationship soured in the 8th season of the TV series “90-day groom” when Julia called plastic surgery “lazy”. Yara, who had rhinoplasty, clapped her hands to her ex-girlfriend and defended the right of people to change their bodies if they want to. This led to the fact that the fans supported Yara and sided with her. Now Julia seems to be pulling Yara online again for her plastic surgery and photo editing. Many fans of the “90-day groom” expect that Yara will snap at her former partner in the film, and the audience will most likely take her side again.