90-day groom: Winter shows dramatic results of weight loss in a swimsuit


Winter Everett from the spin-off “90-day groom” The Family Chantel showed the results of her significant weight loss after surgery in a stunning bikini photo. 27-year-old Winter inspires many with her positive content on social networks. Winter’s “butterfly babies” support her path of transformation and love every part of her before and after weight loss progress. After debuting in season 4 of “90 Day FiancĂ©” with her older sister Chantelle Jimeno and Chantelle’s husband Pedro Jimeno, Winter now has her own storyline on their TLC family show.

In season 4 of “Family Chantelle,” fans watch Winter finally have bariatric surgery, which she’s wanted for the longest time. The current season of Winter’s spin-off was supposedly filmed sometime in 2020. Winter weighed about 313 pounds at the time. In July 2020, Winter has already started her fitness journey and made her health a priority to lose 50 pounds. After gastric surgery, Winter’s weight has decreased dramatically, and she will definitely inform her well-wishers about it.

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Winter’s Instagram is full of her gym posts or her glamorous poses in stylish outfits as she has started to feel more comfortable in her body. Winter is also confident enough to pose in swimwear, and her fans rejoice when she celebrates her natural curves. In her recent Instagram story, Winter was wearing a bathing suit while sitting in a meditation pose. Celebrity Family Chantel swimsuit with a cloud print in the colors of the sky looked great against her radiant skin. She smiled contentedly with her eyes closed while doing yoga, perhaps one of Winter’s weight loss methods that help her lose more centimeters.

Winter’s more than 186,000 subscribers are showering praise on the reality TV star whenever she reveals another side of herself to them. Winter’s new image as a fashion, fitness and beauty model on social networks inspires her fans to be properly motivated. Winter has experimented a lot with different types of fashion since she started doing fitness. She likes bright colors, which she proudly uses in her profile. In early June, Winter wowed the 90 Day FiancĂ© audience by wearing a bright pink printed bikini and flaunting pigtails. At that time, Winter and her friends were visiting a waterfall in Roswell Mill, a natural area in Georgia. As Winter posed under a waterfall, her followers thought she looked like a mermaid.

Winter’s active lifestyle and the fact that she often shares cute inspirational messages on her page have prompted many of her fans to start their own fitness journey. Some even prefer to watch Winter’s new storyline rather than the arguments of 90-day-old fiance Chantelle and Pedro, who suggest they may be on their way to divorce. Winter has come a long way since she was a trusting young person in a toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jah. It’s finally summer in Winter’s life, and she’s trying to let everyone know about it.