90-day groom: Tiffany shows off glamorous makeup after losing weight


The former star of the franchise “90-day fiance” Tiffany Franco stunned her fans with stunning makeup after a recent weight loss. Viewers may remember the 31-year-old cast member in the film “90-Day Groom: Another Way,” where she appeared with South African-born Ronald Smith. However, the former reality TV star has been in the news lately due to her 80lb weight loss. Tiffany began her fitness journey by opting for bariatric surgery in June 2021, which helped her lose 70 percent of her stomach volume. Since then, she has been constantly sharing fitness news on her social networks.

Tiffany’s first serious weight loss message came just a few weeks after surgery, when she shared that she had lost 40 pounds. In October 2021, she shocked fans with her newly transformed figure and revealed that she had lost 50 pounds. By 2022, Daniel and Carly’s mom has brought that number to 80 pounds and still hopes to lose a few more. In 2022, Tiffany posted many photos of herself on social media and proudly embraced her new body. She’s not shy about bragging about her results, and viewers of the 90-day Groom like that she’s outspoken.

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Maryland native Tiffany just shared a glamorous makeover on her Instagram. However, this time it’s not about her weight loss. Instead, she showed off her amazing beauty skills by posting makeup. The post shows Tiffany lip-syncing the dialogue in her nightgown and looking like she just woke up. She then points to the camera and takes on her stunning new look in a black outfit. Fans can see her flawless makeup with pink eye shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and pink cheeks.

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On Instagram, viewers of 90 Day Fiancé loved Tiffany’s new makeup and showered her with compliments. An Instagram user wrote: “You’re damn good, it’s annoying,” claiming that the former reality TV star looks cute in her transformed appearance. Another user called Tiffany the “Mother of the Year”, as she not only lost weight, but also coped well with her affairs, and also inspired her followers with her fitness journey. One fan even told Tiffany that while her makeup skills are amazing, she remains “gorgeous” before and after the transformation.

Fans are happy to see that Tiffany has come a long way since her fitness journey began in 2021, and now she is much more confident. The 90-day fiance star has gone through a lot of problems over the past few months, the biggest of which was her breakup with her husband Ronald. Nevertheless, the mother of two children overcame her problems and continued to fight for her happiness. In a year, Tiffany lost 300 pounds to 219 pounds. However, the important thing is that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise graduate seems very happy showing off her makeup.