90-day groom: the most unrecognizable photos of Yara on Instagram


Yara Zaya, or Yaroslav Zalokhina, from Ukraine is a very popular star of the 90—day groom, who is often known for updating her image on Instagram. When Yara debuted in season 8 of “90 Day Fiancé”, fans came across her old photos, in which young Yara was almost unrecognizable. This sparked rumors that Yara had plastic surgery before she met her husband Jovi Dufresne on a travel app. Yara was working in the makeup industry when she started dating Jovi, and now runs her own cosmetics and fashion business. Jovi hinted that he and Yara are getting divorced, but fans are praying for the couple’s happiness.

When Yara was a young girl in Ukraine, she starred in a reality show in 2014, where she mentioned: “I also love rich men, maybe foreigners.” A year later, Yara appeared again in a show called “Love Online”, which forced her to go to Spain to meet her now ex-boyfriend. Fans of “90 Day Fiancé”, who translated the show into Russian, found out that Yara admitted that she had surgery on her nose in one of the final scenes of the show. However, Yara continued to deny that she had plastic surgery, and claimed that it was just the effect of filters and light.

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The owner of Boujee By Yara may have wanted to keep his rhinoplasty a secret until the 8th season of “The 90-day groom”. During a segment of the show in which co-star Rebecca Parrott demonstrated the results of her liposuction, Yara talked about plastic surgery and that there is nothing wrong with it. Natalie Mordovtseva expressed a desire to change her nose, and the star of the series “90-day groom” Yara eventually admitted that her nose used to look like a potato. “If someone doesn’t like something about themselves, change it,” Yara said and tries to remain true to her faith to this day.

Fans have always thought of Yara as a Barbie doll with her trademark blonde hair and legs for several days. But in a message from February 2021, Yara impressed her subscribers with her brown-purple hair color. While fans couldn’t help but notice the controversial white carpet from season 8 of The 90-day Groom, Yara’s hair immediately caught their attention, even though it looked like a wig. She did not look at all like the participant of the series “90-day groom” Yaru, who complained about the dirty streets of New Orleans, and her fans definitely told her about it, writing: “Wow, a completely different person with a color change.”

Earlier this year, Yara abandoned her usual hairstyle with a parting in the middle in favor of fresh bangs. The young mother admitted that Jovi hated her image, but fans had a different opinion. Yara’s bangs enjoyed amazing popularity among subscribers, as her post gained more than 31,000 likes. However, Yara said that “it’s good that it’s not real,” since Jovi didn’t like it. She told her followers that she bought a fake bang on Amazon. Although the 90-day-old groom is a celebrity, Yara’s fans told her: “I like you the way you are,” some also thought that the bangs made Yara look “much younger,” and one lone commenter noticed Yara’s lips and wrote: “They look like they’re about to burst. ”

Yara and Jovi attended a wedding in Texas in March, for which he was dressed in a tuxedo, and she was in a purple tight-fitting dress. More than 75 thousand people liked Yara’s post with her husband, and some were curious where Yara got her dress from. But one fan asked the celebrity of the 90-day groom: “Yara, why do you need so much Photoshop?” Yara claimed that she did not use Photoshop or filters on her face, which made her look so unlike Yara from the series. “It’s called professional makeup,” Yara boldly told the critic, scattering emoticons of a woman doing facepalm.