90-day groom: the most unrecognizable photos of Natalie on Instagram


Natalie Mordovtseva from 90 Day Fiancé is known for her erratic behavior on camera, although she also shocked fans with her ever-changing appearance. The blonde from Ukraine is known for her big eyes and unruly curls, but Natalie’s followers on social networks are often caught off guard by how different she looks in photos. Although there were rumors that she had plastic surgery, many fans of the 90-day-old groom believe that Natalie looks completely different in the photos because of photo editing.

Natalie has never been shy about expressing her opinion, and the outspoken Pescetarian loves his appearance. Natalie experimented with modeling and acting in Ukraine before moving to the United States to be with Mike Youngquist. She often said she was too good for Mike because she told him she was smarter and prettier than him. Natalie was obviously proud of her appearance and continued to look for dates for 90 Day: The Single Life.

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While Natalie makes it clear that she considers herself very beautiful, many fans of 90 Day Fiancé believe that she heavily edits her content. Natalie was called in to edit her photos and videos. Many fans of the franchise would also like her to soften up when it comes to choosing her style, as Natalie prefers very heavy and dark eye makeup, as well as clothing ensembles that don’t always match the occasion. Such a choice often makes her stand out in real life.

In November 2021, Natalie shared a photo that shocked fans by how different she looked. The promo photo of Natalie in a gorgeous red dress was heavily retouched. Many fans of 90 Day Fiancé voiced how different Natalie appeared in the image, as her skin was flawless, and her usually unruly curls were completely tamed. She turned off comments on her photo, probably because of how shocked viewers were by Natalie’s obviously edited appearance.

Natalie once again left viewers confused by her post back in December. The star of the Ukrainian reality show shared a Christmas picture that does not look like her at all. In the photo, Natalie was so airbrushed that she looked made up. As in the previous post, she edited her skin, giving it a flawless shade of deep tan without pores, which looked incredibly unnatural. Many viewers are wondering why Natalie edits her photos so much, especially since she made it clear that she likes how she looks naturally.

In general, Natalie has become less involved in extreme photo editing. She has also toned down her unstable personality to some extent when it comes to her content, such as her YouTube videos. However, Natalie still retouches her images, for example, in a recent culinary photo. Because of this, she looks completely different between the 90-day-old groom and social media. She also puts filters on her videos that become visible when she moves, and the filter crashes. Such editing techniques generally contribute to changing Natalie’s appearance.