90-day groom: the most popular beach photos of Tanya Maduro on Instagram


The former star of the TV series “90 days of the bride” Tanya Maduro enjoys her lonely life by the sea and flaunts stunning images in a bikini on social networks. Most fans remember the former actor from the 7th season of “The 90-day Groom”, where she appeared together with South African-born Singin Colchester. The couple had a sweet relationship on the show, which started on a good note in South Africa. However, the differences between them became apparent when they returned to television to tell their story after the wedding.

During 90 Day: The Single Life viewers saw Tanya and Singin on the verge of divorce when they finally broke up and continued their lives. Although Tanya was clearly distraught over her breakup, she has now come to terms with it. Most fans think that the former cast member will soon return to the reality show franchise and try her luck in search of true love.

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In July 2022, the Connecticut native teased her return to “90 Day: The Single Life”, posting on Instagram makeup for a date. Tanya shared two different transformations in the photo and talked about how to be real during her recent dates. She used the hashtag “#SingleLife” to hint that she was probably filming for a popular spin-off.

Over the past few months, Tanya has shared gorgeous beach photos in cute swimsuits. In February 2022, she spent time in Aruba, showing off a stunning image in a bikini. She wrote: “2/2/22 is officially the 6—month anniversary of my separation” and talked about how to accept yourself. She also asked fans of 90 Day Fiancé to “get ready” to see her other side as she moves on to the next chapter of her life. On the post, Tanya put on a cute bikini and confidently flaunted her curves, which fans found extremely “hot”.

White bathing suit

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A former participant in the filming of the film “90-day groom” Tanya posted another photo from Aruba, asking her fans, “do they need a first assistant?” In the picture, she stands confidently on the edge of the boat in sexy white swimsuits. Tanya looked wonderful in her beach post as she proudly flaunted her toned body for all to see. Fans praised Tanya’s new attitude and left her nice comments, such as “What a wonderful photo you have” and “Syngin was an idiot for leaving you…”. Some people even claimed that the photo was worthy of being the “cover” of the magazine. he fired.

A brilliant image of Tanya in a bikini

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Former reality TV star Tanya shared another cute tropical photo from Aruba beach. In the photo she was wearing a green bikini and wrote: “Life is full of many lessons.” Tanya Maduro, who is now single, said that in life there will be the only lesson that will raise a person to a new level, and asked fans: “Face your fears. Dig deeper. Be afraid. Take a chance…” Fans applauded Tanya. for her inspiring signature and optimistic point of view. An Instagram user wrote: “Your attractiveness is simply amazing. You’re in a good mood.” Another user commented: “This girl is a queen.” Fans of the series “90 days of the bride” are looking forward to the resumption of Tanya’s storyline in the new season.


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