90-day groom: the cutest outfits of a Drug Addict for the day after losing weight


90-Day Fiancé star Narkia Lathan showed off the results of her weight loss journey in bright outfits. Narkia and her husband Olulovo “Lovo” Shodipe demonstrated their difficult relationship in season 4 of The 90-day Groom. The couple first met in an online dating service. To the surprise of many viewers, Narkia and Lowo are still together and gaining strength. Despite the fact that the couple’s relationship included deception and lies, fans are thrilled that the stormy relationship ended with true love.

In 2020, Narkia and Lowo welcomed the bride’s new 90-day-old baby into the world. The couple named Nifemi’s daughter Denise Shopide. Soon after, Narkia decided to go on a weight loss journey, and fans of the 90-day Groom franchise noticed her stunning transformation.

The “90-day groom” star boasts about the results of her weight loss journey on Instagram, and many fans congratulate her on her hard work. Followers also liked the stylish outfits that Narkia wore to show off her new physique. Below are some of Narkia’s cutest outfits since her weight loss journey began.

Narkia’s Satin Black Dress

In February 2021, the star of the 90-day groom posted a photo of her and her husband spending the night. Narkia was wearing a stunning tight-fitting black dress with puffy sleeves. The outfit also featured tights and stylish patent leather boots. The newly-made mother signed the post “Finally! The party”, and the photo was bombarded with enthusiastic comments from fans. “You look incredible,” one fan said. “Wow, you look amazing,” said another.

Leopard leggings and a T-shirt of Narcia

Fans were thrilled when Narkia flaunted her slimmed-down figure in a stylish outfit for a date in April 2021. She was wearing red strappy heels, leopard print leggings and a white patterned T-shirt. On the T -shirt it was written: “I’m pretty for a big girl,” where “for a big girl” was crossed out in red. The stunning outfit was complemented with a fashionable ponytail and bright makeup. She captioned the Instagram post: “Date night!” Fans liked the fierce look and the way Narkia radiated confidence in the picture.

Silky Patterned Narkia Dress

Last August, Narkyia shared a gorgeous photo with the caption: “Just because I [heart] this photo!” Judging by the comments, it became clear that the fans liked it too. The modest star of the “90-day groom” was dressed in a beautiful patterned dress, which she paired with cute transparent heels. The outfit was complemented with chic details, such as a gold necklace and yellow nail polish to match the dress. In the comments section, fans said, “I like this dress, where did you get it?” and “I like the whole look.” Fans are clearly unanimous that Narkia, the star of the TV series “90-day bride”, looks amazing, and they are happy that she is doing well.