90-day Groom: Stunning photos of Emily Lisa’s mom’s return amaze fans


The star of the “90-day groom” Emily Biberli shared several old photos of her mother Lisa, which caught many fans by surprise. Emily is featured in the show with her boyfriend from Cameroon, Kobi Blaze. The couple met in China, and got engaged two weeks later. After months of waiting for his K-1 visa, Kobe finally joined Emily and their son Koban in the United States. The couple has 90 days to get married, but given the problems in their relationship, it doesn’t look like they’ll be happily ever after.

Since Kobe lives with Emily’s parents, Lisa and David Biberli, in their house, they have become an important part of his storyline. The Biberli family sees several alarming signals in their daughter’s relationship and does not think she is ready to get married. Nevertheless, they are ready to support the young couple emotionally and financially. Although the actions of Emily and her parents annoy many viewers of the series “90-day groom”, the exceptional beauty of her mother causes a lot of praise on social networks.

Seeing the love and appreciation of fans for Lisa’s beauty, Emily shared a video of her mother on Instagram, made up of her old photos. She posted three black-and-white photos of young Lisa with the caption: “Okay, Mom, I see you.” Fans of the 90-day-old groom are stunned to see how gorgeous Emily’s mother looked in her younger years. It is not known how old Lisa is in these photos, but it seems that she was about 20 years old. An Instagram user commented: “The first image looks like it wants to be colored.” One of Lisa’s cousins intervened: “Always so beautiful. I remember she was at the Jeffersons’, and she was wearing a blue dress.”

Emily’s colleague and Serbian-born Miona Bell wrote: “She looks like an actress from Old Hollywood, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn.” Newcomer Kara Bass commented: “Yes, girl, she’s bad.” After seeing old photos of Lisa, many fans think that Emily is very similar to her mother. While Lisa gets a lot of positive feedback from viewers of 90 Day Fiancé, Emily gets a huge negative reaction online. Perhaps that’s why comments on her latest Instagram post are limited. Fans found it very disrespectful that she bought her own ring, and hinted that Kobi would not be able to afford the big diamond ring she wanted.

However, it looks like Kobe and Emily will be able to solve their problems by the end of the season. A few days ago, the couple was spotted together in Los Angeles with their son. In fact, some rumors suggest that they recently welcomed their second child. Now that it’s almost confirmed that Emily and Kobe are together, fans of the 90-day-old fiance may be excited to see more of Lisa on the show.