90-Day Groom: Sofa Shares New Information about Pregnancy & Son’s Cancer


The former star of the TV series “90 days of the groom” Divan Clegg recently published news about her son Taeyang’s cancer battle and her third pregnancy. Fans may know the former cast member from “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way”, where she appeared with her now ex-husband Jihoon Lee. The couple welcomed their child, Taeyang, during the show, and later got married to strengthen their relationship. However, the lack of love in their relationship pushed them to divorce, and Devan received full physical custody of his son. While the Utah native found new love with her boyfriend Topher Park, things didn’t stay happy for long, as Taeyang was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Just a few days after she announced her pregnancy, Divan broke the heartbreaking news about her son’s situation. At that time, the mother of two children asked her fans to pray for her child’s health and even created a GoFundMe account to raise funds for his treatment. In July 2022, the 90 Day Fiancé graduate shared a huge amount of information about Taeyang’s ongoing battle and how he is undergoing chemotherapy for acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. She said that her 3-year—old son is a strong boy who has never been ill and feels great.

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While the viewers of 90 Day Fiancé were happy to hear the latest update of the Sofa, her latest message concerns them. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a cute video of her son exploring an aquarium, and wrote: “Taeyang feels well and is fighting cancer with all her might.” She then apologized to her fans for not being active on social media, and said that due to the circumstances, it was difficult for her to “go online and inform everyone.” Then, Diwan heartbreakingly wrote that her “high-risk” pregnancy and the situation with Taeyang almost pushed her to give up. However, she added that she was recovering her strength and would keep everyone informed.

Devan’s ongoing struggle has made many followers feel sorry for her. An Instagram user wrote: “You don’t owe anyone” and asked the young mother to take care of herself and her babies. The man also prayed for Taeyang to beat cancer, and added, “Thoughts and prayers to you, Mom, for your pregnancy and little baby.” Another user added, “Spend time with him, honey, just know that we are here, praying for Taeyang, and we love you.” Someone else said to the Sofa, “Don’t think you have to keep us posted.”

It is clear that people care about a pregnant mother and do not want her to worry about her activity on the Internet. In the past, fans didn’t appreciate the fact that Divan was careless and irresponsible and gave birth to children from different men. However, they see that she has a real connection with her current boyfriend Topher. Therefore, they want her to live a happy life with him, give birth safely and give birth to a healthy son. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé hope that Diwan’s difficult times will only get easier in the future and that her 3-year-old son will soon recover from his illness and live a wonderful life.


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