90-day Groom: Rose Vega’s most popular beauty transformations from 2022


Former star of the 90-day Fiance franchise Rosemary Vega has radically changed her appearance since she appeared on the show, and her stunning model photos prove it. Viewers may remember a former cast member from season 4 of “Bride for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days,” where she had an unsuccessful relationship with Big Ed Brown. Despite Rose’s unsuccessful attempt to find love, she became the franchise’s biggest success story thanks to her remarkable achievements after the show.

The 26-year-old native of the Philippines, from stunning modeling performances to creating her own business, has achieved a lot by inspiring the audience of “90 Day Fiancé”. Rose has become a regular influencer on Instagram and YouTube, with over 600,000 followers and followers on each platform. Rose failed to find love in the series, but she recently met a new compatible partner and is living her best life.

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According to Rose’s latest vlogs, her new chosen one is Greg Shervinsky, a native of Australia, the founder of a real estate company. The duo often appear together in Rose’s music videos and always do something special for each other. On the last Valentine’s Day, Greg built new doors for Rose’s house and bought her a new laptop. Along with Rose’s personal life, her professional career has also improved significantly after appearing in the spin-off “90-day Groom”.

Rose is beautiful in purple

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Single mother Rose has become an icon of the modeling business and always publishes her beauty transformations on her social networks. Recently, the former reality star looked almost unrecognizable in her stunning purple designer dress. Rose used the post to talk about how many people have criticized her in the past, and stated that she would “set a record. SOON.” Fans loved how Rose looked so confident in a dress and with flawless makeup. They showered her with compliments, such as: “God Rose!!!! You are amazing!!!!” and “Amazing photo! You’re becoming the woman you’re supposed to be.”

Rose models a cosmetics brand

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A graduate of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, Rose shared another beauty shot in April 2022, in which she enthusiastically embraced her new model image. She wrote: “Moraine Women support Moraine Women” by promoting a new lipstick brand. In the photos, Rose was dressed in a beautiful black outfit and confidently posed in front of the camera. She also shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the crew helping her with makeup and hair styling. Fans were proud to see Rose showcasing her new career and beauty transformation.

Rose’s new hair

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In January, Rose decided to revive her old hair color. She went to the barber shop and decided to cut her hair short and dye it caramel blonde. Since Rose is now a full-time model, she likes to experiment with her hair. An Instagram user wrote: “I like your new look.” Another user chimed in to say, “You’re so beautiful. Your new hair color is amazing.” Rose has presented so many transformations over the past two years, but fans of the 90-day-old groom are still excited to see what image she will come up with next.


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