90-day groom: Rating of the most popular transformations of Miona Bell’s hair


Popular 90 Day Fiancé star Miona Bell is a fashionista who likes to wear different hairstyles with her fashionable outfits. The 23-year-old debuted in season 9 this year with her American boyfriend Jibri Bell. The couple’s journey began in Serbia after they met at an event. One thing led to another, and they traveled the world together, rejoicing in their newfound love. During the 9th season of the TV series “90 days of the groom”, Miona came to the USA, and fans saw problems in their relationship.

But it seems they got it right when they started their new life in California after the show. Miona gives the impression of an ambitious person who sets herself big goals. One of her dreams was to launch her cosmetics brand, which finally came to life in July 2022. Her new cosmetics brand is called Miona Beauty, and she even thanked fans for their support.

Miona starts her new business by selling four products in limited quantities. These products include a set of makeup brushes and three of her classic ponytails. Just a few hours after the launch, Miona shared another post with her beauty products and announced that she had successfully sold several extended ponytails within 72 hours. A big reason for Miona’s success is her unique sense of style, especially her hairstyles, which are always admired by fans of 90 Day Fiancé.

3. Miona finally let her hair down

In July 2022, Miona wore heavy ponytails throughout season 9 of “90 Days of the Groom” and showed off her naturally wavy hair. She wrote: “Hi guys! How are you feeling today?” in a flowing long dress with a wide smile on her face. Fans liked the look of Miona, especially her voluminous hair, combed sideways. One Instagram user wrote: “Finally changed my hairstyle.”

2. Miona in rhinestones and pigtails

In February 2021, Miona wore a bright neon green top with darker eye makeup. She tied her hair in cute pigtails and decorated the part with crystals. She wrote in the caption: “Today I was inspired.” Miona’s hairstyle here was very different from her usual style, which paid off. Shortly after she shared the post, she received several compliments from her fans. One Instagram user wrote: “Gurll, you look like a pot of gold under a rainbow,” and another asked curiously: “How do you create this image? Is it with two ponytails?”

1. Miona in long loose curls

The star of the series “90-day bride” Miona looked almost unrecognizable in this gorgeous image from October 2019. On the post, she showed off her freshly tanned body. Miona, who is now being compared to Yara Zaya, wrote: “Thank you to my father, who took the most photos in my profile,” showing off her tight orange-hued dress. In the photo, a native of Serbia with darker voluminous hair and large elastic curls. Subscribers of Miona shared in the comments how they liked her loose curl. One fan said, “This is my favorite photo from your Instagram.” However, one comment that Jibri singled out was when he asked his co-star in the 90-day Bride, Myona, to marry him, and she replied: “Hahahaha, soon.”


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