90-day Groom: Princess makeup revealed on Ariela’s wedding day


In the preview of the movie “The 90-day groom” Ariela Weinberg dressed up as a princess to marry her longtime partner Biniyam Shibre. The polarizing couple Ariela and Biniyama debuted in the second season of 2020, “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way,” in which the Princeton native moved to Addis Ababa. Ariela became pregnant by Biniyam three months after she accidentally met him while hailing a taxi. At that time, Ariela was still married to her ex-husband Leandro Foske. She thought of returning to him when Biniyam entered her life, which eventually led Ariela to divorce Leandro when she found out she was having a child with an Ethiopian man.

After two seasons of fighting over religion, ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, and how Ariela felt Biniyam was cheating on her behind her back, she finally brought her to the United States with her. As their wedding approached, Ariela and Biniyam began to realize that they were incompatible, but remained together only for the sake of their child. Ariela was still the same person who suspected Biniyam of having an affair, while he was still unsure of Leandro’s presence in their lives. After a victorious fight in MMA and fear of pregnancy, Ariela and Biniyam will finally get married in season 9 of the 90-day Groom.

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The YouTube channel for 90 Day Fiancé published a preview clip of Ariela preparing for her wedding ceremony, which takes place at the Congregation Kehilat Shalom Synagogue in Somerset County, New Jersey. First, the camera catches Ariela tying the laces of her shiny sneakers, showing her choice of shoes for the wedding. But then, when the clip shows Ariela’s wedding dress, even Ariela’s mom can’t help but notice that she looks like a princess. Ariela jokingly asks Mom: “So bad, huh?” but Janice assures her that her outfit is “fantastic.” Janice begins to worry, seeing her daughter in the image of the bride, and warns the famous 90-day-old groom Ariela that her husband should treat her like a princess. “Hope for the princess’ treatment. Demand it,” Ariela’s mom tells her again, mentioning that this should be what Biniyam should do for the rest of his life.

Ariela admits that for most of the 90 days on Biniyama’s K-1 visa, she was focused on the negative aspects of their relationship. “But the truth is, I really want Beanie to be here,” she says, before adding that she has always wanted to see her family together. Ariela started to see a lot of positive things when she finally started focusing on this thought. Ariela did not have enough ninety days to plan the wedding, and she would like to have more time.

But Ariela wanted Biniyam to be happy, so she also invited Biniyam’s sisters to the wedding, even though they threw wine in her face. While Biniyam is alone in the USA and misses them during the ceremony, his brother, sisters and friend will make sure that he is not alone at the altar. Nevertheless, Biniyam is happy that he has created his family with Ariela and Aviel in a new country. Spoilers suggest that Ariela and Biniyama’s wedding, which will air on Sunday evening, was actually filmed in December 2021. And they were last seen together in July in Las Vegas, which means Ariela and Biniyam from the 90-day fiance are probably still a couple.


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