90-day Groom: Molly Hopkins’ glamorous makeup helps to lose weight


Recently, former “90-day Fiance” star Molly Hopkins has been flaunting her weight loss in stunning makeup on social media. She was first introduced on the show with her now ex-husband Luis Mendes. The couple fell in love in the Dominican Republic, where Luis worked in a bar. Molly applied for her beau’s K-1 visa and secretly married him in the United States.

However, their marriage did not last long, and just six months after the wedding, Molly filed for divorce from Louis. Despite the failed marriage, Molly was not disappointed in love. She was recently introduced in the 1st season of “90 Day: The Single Life” in the hope of finding the love of his life. During the season, Molly fell in love with Brooklyn cop Kelly Brown. Fans are rooting for Molly and Kelly, as it seems that the couple genuinely loves each other.

While Molly’s personal life is settled, she is now focused on her physical fitness. Since last year, she has been following a plant-based diet that has helped her lose more than 30 pounds. The star of the “90-day groom” Molly now looks more confident in her Instagram photos. Here are some of her glamorous makeup looks that show off her newfound confidence.

Last year, Molly shone in a black dress to receive the Body Positive Defender Award at the Curve Expo. She looked amazing with long false eyelashes and natural makeup. Fans liked her newly transformed body and glamorous makeup. They left her positive comments such as: “Molly, you look great! I’m so glad you didn’t resort to surgery” and “Wow, she lost a lot of weight. She looks amazing.”

Last year, the owner of LiviRae Molly showed another amazing image. She was dressed in a beautiful mustard-colored satin dress and complemented the look with bright makeup. The picture shows how she reapplies lipstick, looking in a hand mirror. Fan-favorite star Molly may not be a fashion icon, but this image instantly became popular among fans. She captioned the photo: “What should I do with makeup…? @gerardcosmetics. The woman owned a bomb-making business.”

Last year, Molly started her weight loss journey and continues to work on it to this day. Fans even noticed that she looks much happier than before. In her latest photo, Molly showed off her new chic look by applying a darker shade of lipstick. She wore an all-black outfit and talked about loving herself in the caption. Since Molly is a supporter of body positivity, some fans criticized her decision to promote weight loss products on her social networks. However, Molly revealed that a healthy diet was the key to her weight loss. She decided to take plant-based supplements because she thought it was the best way to improve her gut and mental health. Some fans may not support Molly’s weight loss, but there’s no doubt that the recently transformed body of the “90-day groom” star has made her more confident.