90-day Groom: Memphis stuns with dramatic weight loss in rare photos


Controversial Michigan mom Memphis Smith of the 90-day-old groom spoke about her baby’s dramatic weight loss on Instagram after confirming her breakup with Hamza Mokni. Memphis, 34, was a single mother with two children from two different relationships when she met Hamza, a Tunisian man, online. Flattered by his honesty and generosity, Memphis decided that she would marry Hamza during their first personal meeting in the film “The Groom for 90 Days: up to 90 Days”. Memphis was called stupid because of her risky decision, but she went ahead and became Hamza’s wife, even after she had problems trusting him.

Hamza lied to Memphis about his age. He was 26, not 28, as he told Memphis seven months ago when they started chatting. Memphis was in Tunisia for a couple of weeks, and it was already too late for her to formalize a marriage contract, although she fought hard for it. A week after their wedding, Memphis took a pregnancy test during their honeymoon and found out she was pregnant. When her journey came to an end, Memphis flew back to America, where Hamza joined her a month after she gave birth to their child around November 2021. By February, while the show was still going on, Memphis hinted at a breakup with Hamza.

In April, Memphis confirmed her split from Hamza by writing the hashtag #singlemomlife in her Instagram caption when she advocated breastfeeding. Since then, Memphis has been using Instagram very sparingly, as she believes that life is too short to waste it on the Internet. But over time, Memphis is gradually returning to sharing numerous updates with its more than 170,000 subscribers. Her latest post contains various photos of her sitting in a car. In one of them Memphis poses next to her ride. Memphis is 4 feet 9 inches tall and looks tiny when her car towers over her. But what’s more noticeable is Memphis’ staggering weight loss.

With her hair pulled back into a smooth tight bun, Memphis applied minimal makeup and added a filter to her now more angular face. The OOTD dress of the Muskegon native from Memphis was an off-the-shoulder dress with a floral print that revealed her slender collarbones and tattoo. The 90-day-old Memphis celebrity bride called herself “#naturalbeauty” in her caption and added: “#nolashes #happyhair.” Fans agreed that Memphis looks great, and some even called her a warrior. Since Memphis has restricted her comments on Instagram and only allows those she is subscribed to to respond, many of her fans may not have been able to praise the young mom.

A nurse practitioner by profession, Memphis weighed 160 pounds when she gave birth to a baby girl for herself and Hamza. She waited until she gained 120 pounds and started her fitness journey, after which she weighs 116 pounds. How she lost weight remains a mystery to fans of the TV series “90 days of the groom”. Memphis’ estranged partner, Hamza, who now lives in Chicago, is often spotted working out at the gym or kickboxing. Memphis can also pay tribute to diet and exercise when she finally confesses her fitness secrets, possibly during her return to the world of the 90-day fiance in a new spin-off.