90-day Groom: Kenneth shares inspiring message of Pride Month


Instead of June being the month of pride, the star of the series “90-day groom: Another Way” Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermayer shared an encouraging message on social networks. Kenny first appeared in the second season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way” with his partner Armando Rubio, and they made history as the first gay couple of the franchise. Kenny made a serious decision to move from his hometown in Florida to Mexico to give his relationship with Armando a real chance. By the end of the season, Kenny made Armando an offer, which he accepted with tears in his eyes.

Kenny and Armando returned to “The 90-Day Groom: The Other Way” in the third season, where they spent the season planning their wedding. Despite the fact that Kenny was happy to get married, throughout the season he struggled with homesickness, especially missing his four children and grandson Cooper. Armando also found it difficult to convince his father to accept his relationship with Kenny, as his father constantly refused to attend the couple’s wedding. However, by the end of the season, Kenny and Armando seemed to have settled everything, and Armando’s father even attended their extravagant wedding.

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Kenny recently logged into his Instagram account to post an uplifting message in honor of Pride Month. Kenny begins the post with the words: “Be proud of who you are, be sincere, be yourself!” He continues to urge readers to turn their fear into strength and assures them that they are worthy of love only for what they are. Armando commented on the post, telling his husband that he is his strength, and many other stars of the 90-day groom also expressed their support and admiration for Kenny.

Kenny’s post came shortly after Armando opened up his own Instagram story a week ago regarding a hateful comment he received after commenting positive support for someone’s post for Pride Month. Armando took a screenshot of his comment and response, asking his followers to report the account that made the tactless comment. Both Kenny and Armando have been posting several messages related to Pride Month on their accounts since the beginning of June, which their subscribers are more than happy to see.

Although Kenny and Armando are the first gay couple to appear in the series, they are the second LGBT couple to appear in the series. They were preceded by Stephanie Matto and Erica Owens, who were introduced in the 4th season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: up to 90 days”. Another way. The love story of Kenny and Armando really turned out in the best way, and viewers hope to continue to see this couple throughout the franchise.