90-day groom: Jovi Dufresne shocks fans in a new way


90-Day Fiancé star Jovi Dufresne surprised her followers by showing off a new hairstyle on social networks. Viewers first met a man from New Orleans Jovi in the 8th season of “90 Day Fiancé” together with his Ukrainian partner Yara Zaya. At first, fans didn’t understand how they felt about the couple. Jovi was constantly drinking and throwing parties, which annoyed Yara, and they argued a lot. Fans also thought that Yara often looked arrogant or often complained. However, at the end of the season, the couple had a daughter, Maila. This family is now among the favorites of many fans on the show.

Since his debut in the franchise, Jovi has done a lot of things that have surprised his fans. Firstly, Jovi had an unusual job as an ROV supervisor, a job in underwater robotics, because of which he traveled all over the world. The audience was surprised by this, as they had not heard about this work before. However, they were no less surprised when he quit his job to stay at home with Yara and Maila. This shocked the audience, who were at a loss when the former party-goer decided to get married at all.

However, Jovi’s new haircut is the most amazing thing he has done recently. Recently, Jovi took to Instagram to show off his bald head in a new photo with Maila and Yara. In the caption, the reality TV star invited viewers to call him “Mr. Purity” in connection with the new hairstyle. Fans have never seen Jovi without a lush mop of thick dark brown hair, so the new look has become a major change. Most viewers complained about the new look in the comments, saying that the New Orleans man used to have great hair, so they weren’t sure why he decided to get rid of them. Some of the actors of Jovi and Yara 90 Day Fiancé also commented, for example, Kenneth Neidermeyer, who said that he himself would never shave his head.

However, while most of Jovi’s followers seemed to agree on what they thought of the hairstyle, they didn’t all believe that Jovi had actually shaved his head. Several fans noted that they didn’t think Yara would be okay if Jovi went completely bald. For this reason, some viewers doubted the authenticity of the photo and thought it was just a prank. Most of the audience couldn’t believe their eyes, and some asked if Jovi shaved his head because he lost a bet.

In fact, there’s something else on Jovi’s Instagram that hints that the bald photo is a joke after all. After Instagram posted the puzzling photo, Jovi shared other photos on his Instagram story in which he still had a thick head of hair. Either the photos in his Instagram story were older, or the reality TV star completely played her followers and pretended to shave her head. The photo looks pretty convincing, so he should have a pretty decent bald spot. Fans of the 90-day-old groom will soon find out if Jovi is cheating on his followers.