90-day Groom: Jasmine Pineda’s transformation after plastic surgery in photos


Jasmine Pineda was known for her attitude to personality during the 90-day Groom: Before 90-Day Season 5, but fans of the 90-day Groom are also fascinated by her physical transformation. Fans discovered images of Jasmine long before she met her fiance Gino Palazzolo, which revealed a completely different image of a mother from Panama. Jasmine openly told fans of 90 Day Fiancé about the work that is going on on her appearance, as well as about the work she has done.

While many of the actors of the 90-day Groom series are going through weight loss and the transformation of plastic surgery, few of them are as honest and open as Jasmine. The reality TV star is candid about the work she has done with her body and face. Many viewers find this refreshing, as several actors have undergone visible changes, but denied that they worked. Jasmine is obviously proud of her appearance, but also openly talks about those aspects of her appearance that are not perfect.

Jasmine likes to share glamorous snaps with fans of the 90-day-old groom; however, she is also honest about her alleged flaws. Jasmine shared photos of her cellulite and talked about hair loss. Because of her anxiety, Jasmine’s hair fell out, which is why she started wearing wigs. Jasmine’s wigs transform her appearance, for example, the curly hairstyle she wore on the show “Up to 90 Days, and the blonde wig” that she sometimes wears on social media. However, her appearance has changed over the years for several reasons.

Jasmine’s Style Changes

Old images of Jasmine show a completely different appearance. Although Jasmine had plastic surgery, she also changed her style. Jasmine previously dyed her hair blonde, although fans believe that her current dark locks are much better suited to her appearance. The cast of Jasmine’s 90-day fiance has also made major changes when it comes to her makeup and style. Past images of Jasmine show how she began to dress more fashionably than before.

Jasmine’s Fitness Transformation

Jasmine has updated her style and also made an effort to get herself in incredible shape. Even when fighting with Gino, Jasmine was sure to visit the gym in “Up to 90 days”. Jasmine had previously struggled with being underweight during an unhappy relationship. It is very important for her health and happiness that she can go to the gym and work on building muscles as much as possible. Many viewers praised Jasmine for her fitness transformation.

Plastic Surgery Jasmine

Jasmine may have made some changes to change her style, but the cast of the 90-day-old groom has also turned to plastic surgery. Jasmine showed off her breast implants at the show, and also seems to have had surgery on her nose and filled with extensive fillers. After filming “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”, Jasmine significantly increased the size of her lips. She also turns to other cosmetic procedures, such as the recent vampire facial treatment she showed off on Instagram. Overall, Jasmine seems to be very happy with how she has changed her style and physique.