90-day groom: how Angela’s personality changed after losing weight


Angela Dim, who first appeared in the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days”, season 2, has undergone dramatic changes in terms of weight loss and personality. Angela underwent a complete body transformation, including sleeve gastric resection, liposuction and breast reduction. When she lost weight, Angela gained confidence. However, now fans are concerned about her huge ego, as well as rash actions.

Angela first appeared in the TV series “The Groom for 90 days: up to 90 days” with her future husband Michael Ilesanmi. Born in Nigeria and much younger than Angela, Michael has made no secret that he wants children. Angela definitely misled Michael by hiding the fact that she might not be able to have more children because of her age and that she might not want to conceive a child. She was very good at convincing Michael and his family that she would be willing to do everything possible to give him a child. However, instead of finishing the job, Angela spent all her savings on her transformation. She ignored Michael and his family when they asked her to undergo fertility treatment.

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Fans were quick to criticize Angela for her selfishness and perceived her behavior as a direct result of her weight loss. Her longtime best friend Jojo, who came to Nigeria to witness her wedding to Michael, was thrown to the sidelines. Fans were horrified when Jojo took to Instagram to tell her side of the story. Angela and Jojo went to Las Vegas to visit their co-star Debbie Johnson. Someone asked Jojo how she knew Debbie, and Jojo said she knew her from the show. Angela was unhappy with this, scared Jojo and said she wouldn’t have recognized Debbie if it wasn’t for her. Then Angela cursed Jojo in front of everyone. She also said Jojo didn’t matter, and allegedly told her more terrible things. It got so bad that Jojo never wanted to talk to Angela again. Fans were outraged that Angela was talking to her friend like that, saying that her newfound confidence was out of control.

Since the shocking weight loss, Angela has been throwing parties. One Instagram user commented on Angela’s post, writing: “Go away, you need to stop. You’re too old. You are not the queen.” Another said, “Is she on painkillers? She seems different!!” Fans are apparently unhappy with her childish demeanor, as well as the fact that she always leaves the house and behaves as if she is alone. In one of her Instagram posts, Angela said she could get any man in America. Fans were upset by this. She has a loving husband, and they worked so hard to take him to America. However, fans believe that she is so obsessed with herself that she misses out on what is important.

The groom for 90 days would not hurt: before the star 90 days to listen to some concerns of her admirer. Fans once praised Angela’s path to weight loss. However, her high conceit certainly hurt them. There is nothing wrong with confidence, especially after such a drastic change, but Angela’s behavior towards people who love her does not attract her fans.