90-day groom: HorheNava to marry Rada Blois


The former star of the TV series “90 days of the groom” Jorge Nava married a long-time girlfriend Rhoda Blois, from whom he had two children after divorcing his ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko. One of the most stormy and unforgettable relationships in the 90 Days of the Groom franchise belongs to Jorge and Anfisa. A Russian woman and a Californian man first appeared in Season 4 and got into the 90-day Groom: Happily Ever After? while fans knew their storyline was a recipe for disaster. Jorge lied to Anfisa about his money and criminal past, and she was violent and definitely not looking for love. Jorge and Anfisa separated in November 2019 and finalized their divorce in December 2020.

After being arrested for marijuana possession in 2018, Jorge served two and a half years in prison at the Arizona State Complex in Phoenix, Arizona. Jorge celebrated his early release from prison in May 2020, and the man the fans met again has completely changed. Jorge lost over 125 pounds while behind bars. In November 2019, a photo of Jorge after losing weight in an orange jumpsuit went viral. It was this photo that attracted the attention of a woman named Rhoda Blois, who found him and met on Instagram after discovering that they had common business interests.

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In May 2020, Jorge formalized his relationship with Rhoda on Instagram, calling himself blessed. In April 2021, Jorge and Rhoda had their first daughter Zara, and in March of this year they became parents of a little boy, who was named George. According to TMZ, Jorge and Zara got married. Internet records show that Jorge received a marriage license and tied the knot with Rhoda. She will take the name Jorge. It is reported that Jorge and Rhoda got married on Sunday, July 31, at the Las Vegas wedding chapel. The young couple then spent the night gambling at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.

It seems that Jorge and Rhoda were accompanied by a second couple at the wedding. Later, the four of them went gambling together on a Vegas street. Jorge first talked about his wedding with Rhoda a year ago during a question and answer session on Instagram. At that time, the star of the “90-day groom” announced that he wanted to have six more children from Childbirth. When Jorge replied to Roda in private messages, everything started very friendly. However, one thing soon led to another. Reality TV stars Jorge and Rhoda started FaceTime long before their first date-a three—hour trip to Malibu.

To Roda, her relationship with Jorge seems too good to be true. He, on the other hand, loves the presence of his new wife and playful nature. After their instant connection during the first personal meeting, Jorge decided to make Rhoda his life partner. The couple even ended up quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic. By the time Jorge was released from Arizona custody, he had moved in with Rhoda and the couple found out they were pregnant. Fans saw how the romance of Jorge and Anfisa collapsed and burned down on the 90th day of the groom a long time ago. Anfisa recently became a US citizen, and three days later Jorge’s remarriage shows how far they have come and how different their lives are at the moment.


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