90-day Groom: Darcy’s strange Instagram video worries fans


A strange new video of Darcy Silva has appeared on the Internet to make fans of the 90-day-old groom worry about the star Darcy and Stacey. Darcy from Connecticut became a sensation after appearing in the first season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 days” with ex-boyfriend Jesse Mister. Darcy and Jesse’s romance is considered one of the most toxic relationships in the TLC franchise, even years after it ended and he left Jennifer Tarasona. Darcy, on the other hand, dated Tom Brooks and later Georgy Rusev, with whom she broke up. But it’s not just Darcy’s personal life that makes fans ask what happened to her even in 2022.

Darcy’s obsession with plastic surgery is well known to viewers of the 90-Day Groom series. The mother of two has changed her appearance so much with the help of various cosmetic procedures that Darcy from the 3rd season of “Darcy and Stacy” is no longer the same Darcy from the 1st season of “Up to 90 Days”. Fans see Darcy doing her job and flaunting it on Instagram so often that they can’t keep track of how she looks at the moment. In addition, even if the star of the “90-day groom” has seriously changed her face already with the help of surgery, she distorts her appearance even more using filters on Instagram. Darcy’s Instagram content basically shows her with various filters slowly turning her head into the camera.

But in a new Instagram post that Darcy (via @i.b.trash.talkin) uploaded to her page, she didn’t just turn her head, but held it as if she had a headache. Someone filmed Darcy looking seductively into the camera with her hair covering half of her face for most of the video as the filter kept slipping off her eyes and lips. The video appears to have been deleted from Darcy’s Instagram, but fans who probably recorded it from her profile are sharing it with concern about the TLC badge.

“She looks like she’s about to lose consciousness,” one TLC viewer wrote. “It’s so very sad!!” added another. Some fans thought Darcy was drunk, but some others were concerned that Darcy looked like she was in pain. The buggy filter, which sometimes ended with eyelashes being applied to Darcy’s hair, also confused her fans, who asked, “Is she okay?” The nose of 90-day-old celebrity bride Darcy kept disappearing because of the filter. Fans seemed confused as to why Darcy has to rely on editing her natural face when she spends so much on all her treatments anyway.

One fan mistook Darcy for Angela Dim, who also continues to use absurd filters even after her staggering 100-pound weight loss and the treatments she did for her face. Despite this, Darcy is not one to respond to fans, no matter how harsh the criticism in her comments. She is expected to go ahead and post more filtered videos on Instagram as if nothing had happened. At the moment, there are rumors that Darcy and her twin sister Stacey are filming the new season of Darcy and Stacey in Miami. Perhaps fans of the “90-day groom” will finally find out if everything is okay with Darcy and what her real face looks like without filters.