90-day groom: Ben beyond recognition photo after fitness


Former 90-day Fiance: Pre-90-day star Ben Rathbun looks very different in his photos than he did more than 20 years ago, before he underwent drastic fitness changes. Youth pastor Ben has been married to his ex-wife for 24 years and is the father of four adult children. Ben talking about dating a woman the same age as his eldest daughter on the 90th day of the bride was ridiculed by fans, although it didn’t seem to bother Ben in any way. Before Mahogany Rock, Ben seems to have had several other relationships with younger women, one of whom he was even engaged to, until she tried to push him away from his children.

When fans first met Ben in “Up to 90 Days,” he was ready to fly to Peru to meet Mahogany, whom he had already planned to bring to the United States. Ben’s children laughed at the fake filtered photos of Mahogany, but by that time Ben had decided to marry a law student. Ben was dismissive of the fact that Mahogany is so young that she borrows money from him and refuses to show him her real face. Fans branded Ben as desperate and a pervert because of the pursuit of Mahogany, but were shocked when he stated that they were together during the Tell-All episode. Mahogany may have agreed to stay with Ben, but otherwise his personal life seemed to be in bad shape.

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In March, Ben was fired by his employer after being arrested for violating probation conditions. Ben recently told fans of 90 Day FiancĂ© that he now works as a writer for a motorcycle magazine. But Ben is also trying the ground for a career in personal training. Former youth pastor Ben shared a link to his website benjaminsage.com and he said that he was going to help his fans in their transformation. He wrote about attracting “8 motivated people online” who want to start their fitness journey. Ben will “specialize in training for people over 40,” he shared, saying that he will turn 53 on Thursday. To prove his point, Ben shared his before and after photos 20 years apart.

In the first photo, Ben, who would have been about 32 years old, looked lanky and unkempt two decades ago when posing shirtless. However, in a later picture, Ben was wearing a T-shirt and a beanie and posed stylishly with headphones around his neck and muscular arms at his hips, with a very serious expression on his face. In addition, Ben’s celebrity, who turned 90 days old, shared a video with the caption “Time Flies” and posted several photos of him growing up when Ben was a cute boy, bespectacled in the middle class, a handsome 20-year-old and later, perhaps in his mid-30s, until 2022. Fans commented that Ben is aging “like wine, the older the better,” although someone else joked that they thought the cast of “The 90-day groom” looked like Jeffrey Dahmer.

It looks like Ben is looking younger every day and is enjoying his 50s while remaining healthy and fit. Fans suspect Ben may have done some work to improve his appearance, but the Michigan man has never commented on it. Meanwhile, it seems that Ben also inspired his partner in the movie “90 Day Fianc: Before the 90 Days” Mahogany to lose weight and start exercising. The same Mahogany, who never posts selfies without editing her face, tore a page out of Ben’s book and poses for ripped selfies in her gym.