90-day groom: before checking the status of season 5 “90 days”: which couples are still together?


Another portion of the drama “90 days”! During the fifth season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 days: up to 90 days”, another group of people tried to find love abroad.

Like its predecessors, season 5 of “Up to 90 Days” was about seven couples who met each other in a long-distance relationship with the hope of applying for a K-1 marriage visa and the promise to tie the knot.

Although all five couples are newcomers to the TLC franchise, one reality TV personality has returned to get another chance to find love. Usman “SojaBoy” Umar, who previously appeared in season 4 with ex-wife Lisa Hamm, has moved on to Kimberly “Kim” Menzies. After Kim traveled to Nigeria to meet the musician in person, the couple’s relationship reached an impasse by the finale in April 2022.

“Since I came back, everything has become a little [different]. I don’t talk to [Usman] that much,” Kim explained during the candid reunion, despite the fact that they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. “Making plans is quite difficult. … [There is] always an excuse.”

Usman, for his part, refuted her claims, noting that they have no problems, and referring to the fact that their relationship is still relatively new.

Memphis Smith and Hamza Mokni, for their part, were thrilled to see where their romance could go after she met her beau in his native Tunisia.

“I’m not sure when Hamza will be able to come to the USA, but when he does, he will have to adapt to my life and a completely new place,” Memphis said during the finale. “Besides, [he’s] learning to be a father.”

Before Memphis returned home to her children from a previous relationship, she and Hamza tied the knot on the March 27, 2022 episode.

“Walking around the wedding venue makes me forget about all my worries. Nothing comes to my mind except the excitement of realizing that this is the family to which I will belong,” Memphis said during the ceremony. “I just feel like a foster child who was taken away by my new family again. I feel that now God is rewarding me for all the losses I had as a child.”

Shortly after the couple celebrated their wedding and honeymoon, they found out that they were expecting their first child together. (Memphis confirmed on March 25, 2022, that she had given birth to a “beautiful” baby.)

“I am so happy because I was alone, and now there will be two next to me,” Hamza said during confession after his fiancee announced her pregnancy.

While Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda struggled all season due to accusations of infidelity and jealousy, they were eventually able to settle the situation.

“Yes, I have a ring,” Jasmine excitedly said during the conversation, confirming the couple’s upcoming wedding. Gino then announced that he had applied for a K-1 visa so that the Panamanian native could move to the United States.

Scroll below to see where the 90-day groom is: Before the 90-day Season 5, the contestants ended up after the cameras stopped rolling:

Mike and Jimena

While Mike wanted to work on his relationship with Jimena, she kicked him out of the house and put an end to everything. However, he later admitted that he wanted to try again, help her with finances and eventually get married. Jimena, who claimed she didn’t need his money, wasn’t sure whether to give him a second chance. By the beginning of the conversation, the couple had reconciled.

Gino and Jasmine

Upset that Gino is leaving, Jasmine apologizes after their last fight. Although the couple never managed to discuss a potential prenuptial agreement, as they had hoped, they promised never to say goodbye. In the end, Gino asked this question and applied for a K-1 visa for his future bride. They got into a heated argument while talking about Gino’s devotion to Jasmine and his sexual attraction.

Usman and Kimberly

The couple broke up after the season, and Usman noted that Kim could not cope with her career after they disagreed about children. By the time of the apparent reunion, they have reconciled, but rarely talk.

Memphis and Hamza

Memphis was glad to return to America and see her children, although she wasn’t sure if there was a place in her life for Hamza. The two were the only couple prior to “90 Days” who personally appeared during the special as Hamza traveled to the US.