90-Day Groom: Annie Francisco’s New Glamorous Makeup Gets Praise


The popular star of the TV series “90 days of the groom” Annie Francisco recently shared a beautiful makeup that received many compliments from fans. Annie first appeared in season 7 of The 90-day Groom with her American husband Robert Springs. The couple first found each other on the Internet and talked for about six months to get to know each other better. Their relationship became serious when Robert flew to the Dominican Republic to propose to Annie, and she agreed. Within a few months, the couple tied the knot and have been together ever since, appearing in several 90 Day Fiancé spin-offs.

Over the past few years, Annie and her husband have created a nice little family together. The couple became parents, giving birth to a daughter, Brenda, in July 2020 and a boy, Adriel, in September 2021. Unfortunately, in 2022, the couple suffered a tragedy when they lost their second child just seven months after his birth. On April 21, Annie shared a painful post in which she informed viewers of 90 Day Fiancé that her son Adriel Springs had passed away. A month later, she returned to her social media and shared a message on Mother’s Day in memory of her little boy.

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A native of the Dominican Republic, Annie became more active on her social networks in July 2022 and is slowly recovering from the painful loss of her son Adriel. She recently shared a new photo with makeup on Instagram, and her fans adore her. She wrote: “Me puse la almadura para poder caminar en este mundo frío y lleno de fustraciones,” which means she put on her armor to walk through this cold and disappointing world. Fans noted that Annie looked great in her photo in sunglasses, with pink lipstick and in a cute pink outfit. They showered her with sweet and supportive comments. “Your [sic] such a beautiful Annie,” the fan wrote, hoping the reality TV star had taken care of herself in the last few months.

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Several stars of the 90-day groom shared their love for Annie and welcomed her on Instagram. While Darcey & Stacey cast member Stacey Silva wrote: “I love you”, Amira Lollisa commented: “So beautiful!!!” Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie Johnson, intervened: “You’re so handsome and strong. You are admired by many women.” The 69-year-old reality TV star added that Annie’s daughter, Brenda, is lucky to have such a mom. Other reality TV stars like Brittany Banks and Jovi Dufresne’s mother, Gwen, posted heart emojis in Annie’s Instagram post.

It’s understandable why the stars and viewers of the “90-day groom” praised Annie in her post about the transformation. Fans know that the 34-year-old mom suffered for several months, and this was a serious reason why she didn’t post anything on her Instagram for weeks. Now that she’s back, the fans want her to feel wanted and loved so that she can feel some kind of happiness at least for a moment. Annie’s subscribers and co-stars are also happy to see that she is returning to some version of normal after such a tragic loss. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé now hope for a good future and the health of her children and family.


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