90-Day Groom: 10 Things You Need to Know about Biniyama Shire


Biniyam Shibre and his partner Ariela Weinberg hit the headlines after the couple on the 90th day caused pregnancy rumors during a recent outing. Biniyam starred in the second and third seasons of the TV series “The Groom for 90 Days: Another Way” together with Ariela, who moved to Ethiopia to continue their relationship. The couple now lives in New Jersey and participates in the ninth and current season of the series “90 Day Fiancé”. Bini seems happy to start his new life in the USA with Ariela and their young son Aviel.

Biniyam is one of the most talented actors in the franchise, with a long resume showing a variety of hobbies, including everything from martial arts to singing. Bini’s enthusiasm when it comes to perfecting new crafts is admirable, and his love for his family is admirable. Despite the fact that Biniyam always strives to demonstrate his skills, viewers still don’t know much about the reality TV star.

Biniyam is a man of many talents

Biniyam is an artist and athlete who has worked at many jobs over the years. He was a nightclub performer, dancer, wrestler, gymnast, martial artist, choreographer and singer. When the audience first met Beany, he was dancing in a nightclub with a dance partner who turned out to be his ex-girlfriend.

Bini also recently released a catchy song called “Dancey Dancey”, featuring an energetic Ethiopian pop beat. Now in the USA, Biniyam is making a career in fitness, having created a program that he called Binifit. According to the Instagram video, “Binifit is my new fitness platform! Train with me from the comfort of your home! Learn to dance, get in shape and have fun!”

Biniyam is proud of its cultural heritage

Biniyam is proud of his Ethiopian roots and uses his platform to tell others about his native country. His music videos regularly showcase Ethiopia’s rich cultural heritage, and he often includes visual pride in his country in his performances, such as the Ethiopian flag he wore on his MMA fight.

He is also keen to tell his son Avi about the country he was born in and seems to be teaching the young child to speak both English and Amharic, Bini’s native language. Ariela, who fell in love with this country during her first visit, shares Bini’s love for Ethiopia and recently became a partner in the Ethiopian tourism business.

Biniyam has two sons

Some of the arguments between Ari and Bini in the ninth season of the 90th day caused a wake-up call, especially those concerning their son Avi. However, viewers may not realize that Avi is not Biniyam’s only child.

Biniyam has a 5-year-old son named Simon from a previous relationship. Simon lives in the US with his mother, and now that the reality TV star lives in New Jersey, Biniyam has officially applied for joint custody of his eldest son. Biniyam seems keen to strengthen his relationship with Simon and catch up.

Biniyam is an MMA fighter

Biniyama may have many professions, but one of them has caused a lot of fanfare lately. Biniyam, who was engaged in martial arts, kickboxing and wrestling, as well as other martial arts, also tried himself in MMA (mixed martial arts) fights. Now that he’s in the US, he seems to be fighting in MMA all the time.

It looks like Biniyama may have a promising career in sports, as a few weeks ago he took part in his first fight, which took place in New York, and won, defeating his opponent in just over 30 seconds. According to Comparably, MMA fighters in the United States earn an average income of just under $45,000 a year, but can earn up to $187,200 a year.

Biniyama’s sisters protect him

Biniyam’s sisters, Vish and Mimi, staged one of the wildest tantrums of the 90-day rage after Ariela expressed doubt about Avi’s baptism. His sisters are not fans of Ariela and are worried that she will either leave him, separating him from his young son, or tear Bini away from his family in Ethiopia.

When Ariela and Biniyam announced that they were moving to the USA, the Biniyam sisters, who did not support this move, became enraged and threw wine in Ari’s face. Now that the couple lives in New Jersey, viewers are hoping that the extra distance will help smooth out their family drama.

Biniyam is religious

Biniyam is a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian faith and is extremely religious. According to Pew Research, almost 36 million Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians, more than in any other country in the world except Russia.


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