90-day fiance: Tiffany’s latest video before and after surgery amazed fans


Former “90-day fiance” star Tiffany Franco is slowly approaching her 190-pound weight goal, as shown in her new video before and after surgery. Tiffany, 31, has been a polarizing figure in the “90 Day Fiancé” universe since her 90 Day Fiancé debut: The Other Way, season 1. Tiffany’s decision to marry South African Ronald Smith, despite his criminal past and gambling addiction. confused fans. Just like she broke up with him to get back together a few times. Despite the fact that Ronald had a new girlfriend a few months ago, Tiffany and he have now become a couple again, which again causes her abundant criticism on Instagram.

However, Tiffany is praised for her decision to focus on her health. Even when Tiffany was doing her secret surgery, which later turned out to be weight loss surgery, she admitted that she did it to get healthy, not just to look good. While it may have been Tiffany’s revenge body she courted Ronald with, enough to make him abandon his divorce plans, she looks happier than ever before in her new IG updates. Fans appreciate Tiffany’s openness when it comes to her fitness journey. They saw how fans mocked her figure when she was heavier. But TLC viewers believe that Tiffany looked great even before she lost weight, and she looks great now, a year after the risky operation.

When Tiffany is not busy promoting her Addy Rose brand cosmetics on her Instagram page, you can see her making funny lip-syncing videos that make fun of her own toxic relationship. But from time to time Tiffany really amazes her subscribers with her videos about weight loss progress, such as the one she posted on Saturday morning. Tiffany used the sound to say, “I’m really sorry and I apologize for the inconvenience because I don’t give a damn.” IG Reel begins with Tiffany showing her body to the camera, dressed in a loose T-shirt and pajamas. In the next clip, Tiffany is wearing a tight-fitting tank top and printed cycling shorts as she raises her arms out to show her hands. Using the transition effect, Tiffany, the famous 90-day-old bride, showed how she looks now.

A mother of two lifts her top in a mirror selfie video. Tiffany seems proud of her new figure as she positions the camera to capture the results of the “after” bariatric surgery for her fans. One of them told Tiffany that she looked amazing before asking her, “What size did you start with? And what size do you have now?” in the comments to the post. Tiffany admitted that she had no idea what size she was. According to her estimates, she started with a size XXL, and now Tiffany wears medium-sized clothes. When asked if she trains, makeup expert Tiffany said no. However, she plans to exercise in the future to help her lose weight.

On the other hand, Tiffany watches what she eats. Sharing some wise words with another 90 Day Fiancé viewer, Tiffany told them that they should be “everything that works” for them and push themselves “every day.” Tiffany believes in forgetting what others say. “Give yourself grace, whatever your journey is,” says Tiffany. Tiffany weighed 295 pounds in June 2021 when she underwent surgery. Now Tiffany has lost 80 pounds and wants to lose even more to reach her target weight of 190. After that, the reality TV star Tiffany will have several more operations, such as a hand lift, a 360° tummy tuck and hip liposuction. elevate.


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