90-Day Fiance: Tiffany reveals plan for multiple plastic surgeries


Tiffany Franco from 90 Day Fiancé talked about all the plastic surgery that she will have to do after she loses 80 pounds. When Tiffany decided to put her toxic relationship with husband Ronald Smith on the back burner, she started focusing on her body. Being a single mother of two children at a young age, Tiffany could not focus on herself, but in 2021 she took care of her health. Tiffany was inspired by her 90-day fiance: happily ever after? the partner in the movie season 6, Angela Dim, decided to have surgery on the sleeve of the stomach. Like Angela, Tiffany is also approaching her target weight, as TLC fans can see.

Tiffany uses her Instagram account to regularly post news about her life after surgery. Amid the news that Ronald wants to divorce her and has a new girlfriend, Tiffany has been busy working on her revenge body. She began to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle, constantly doing sports. Fans wished Tiffany to find a better man, and praised her for how good she looks. Despite still wearing dresses and off-the-shoulder tops, TLC celebrity Tiffany cringes every time she posts a new selfie. She also recently received a $3,000 extension, which makes the reality TV star look like a new woman in her commercials.

In one of her regular one-on-one chat sessions with her Instagram followers, Tiffany talked a lot about her weight transformation. Tiffany named the exact date when she had stomach surgery — June 15, 2021. To a fan who called Tiffany “amazing,” she replied that she had lost 80 pounds. Tiffany explained that her weight during surgery a year ago was “295 or 297,” but she doesn’t remember correctly. At the moment, Tiffany’s target weight is 190 pounds. And as soon as she drops another 18 pounds, she’ll want to “pull up.” The star of the “90-day Groom” franchise mentioned brachioplasty, also called an arm lift, which is a surgical procedure to reshape the lower part of the shoulder from the armpits to the elbow.

In addition to the work she wants to do on her hands, Tiffany also wants a breast lift with a fat transplant. In addition, Tiffany wants to do a 360-degree tummy tuck with a hip lift or liposuction. Tiffany shared how she thinks about carrying out all these procedures, because she already has a surgeon in mind. Speaking about Dr. Joseph Michaels, Tiffany called him the “BEST” surgeon in his field. He makes Tiffany jealous of his patients’ results. She feels that her thighs, stomach and arms are “shaking”, and although this is not so bad, Tiffany wants everything to be “TAKEN”. Despite being 5 feet 7 inches tall,”90 Day Fiance star Tiffany admitted that she was the heaviest on “Happily Ever After? Tell-All». Right now Tiffany can eat the most ordinary food, although she avoids bread and other carbohydrate-laden items.

Tiffany makes sure that her body has as much protein as possible so that her meals matter. Anything that is too sweet or too greasy causes severe nausea. Tiffany cooks her own food, like beef stew with rice and salad, and ends up eating some rice. She also started to give up heavily carbonated drinks. Fans are inspired by Tiffany’s weight loss journey and how honest she was throughout the process, as she asks them not to be scared or talks about times when she had gas. However, on the relationship front, Tiffany is back with Ronald, and most fans of the 90-day-old groom are unhappy about it.