90 Day Fiancé: The alerts that were noticed in the first meeting between Caleb and Alina


After knowing each other for more than 13 years, Caleb and Alina finally met personally, and of course, everything was recorded in this reality show, better known as 90 Day Fiancé, thanks to its popularity, many couples have risked going out on the screens.

This couple finally after so long managed to have their space alone, their intimacy, however, many of the viewers of 90 Day Fiancé assure that this love relationship will not go anywhere, due to the red flags that were presented in their first 24 hours together.

The biggest sign that was noticed in this first meeting was that Caleb seemed upset that he was taking care of Alina. During her journey, he was supposed to help her with her wheelchair, but he seemed to be upset, even, with Alina’s friend of hers present teaching him the basics of her.

One of the fans noticed this and wrote: “She was making annoying noises like ‘ugh’… while helping her with the wheelchair and everything. If this is the first day and he is already acting so upset, it is worrying how he will treat her in the future. ”

Another of the red alerts came from Alina herself, remember that after arriving in Turkey, Caleb was exhausted and too tired to be intimate with his girl. The next day, she decided to express what she felt and said, “Actually, yesterday she was very upset.” She went on to say that he didn’t even hug her and he replied, “Well, now you’re getting hugs.” She says, “Well, I wanted them yesterday.”

Before the cameras she confessed that she was hurt by the fact that he had no desire for her physical appearance. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé assured that forcing someone to have sex is definitely a red flag.

Another of the alert moments was definitely before their meeting. When Caleb was preparing for her trip, he kept referring to her as a “friend” of hers, yet he was packing a large box of condoms. TLC fans will have to watch to find out what happens between Alina and Caleb going forward.