90-Day Fiance: Thais reveals details about Patrick’s real job


Thais Ramon told fans of 90 Day Fiancé about the kind of work Patrick Mendes does for a living after his career in weightlifting ended. 31-year-old weightlifter of American-Brazilian origin. He started weightlifting back in 2008, when Patrick was hired by school coach John Brose. Patrick was dedicated to his craft and spent most of his time working out in a small 500-square-foot gym. He managed to set a world record among juniors, lifting 207 kg. just two years after he started training. Even the rupture of the upper lip did not prevent Patrick from realizing his dream. He won two national championships in 2011 and 2012, and also tried to qualify for the Olympic Games.

However, Patrick’s career in weightlifting suffered a serious setback when he tested positive for a banned human growth hormone drug. Patrick was disqualified for two years, but soon after his return he tested positive for dimethyltestosterone. This put an end not only to Patrick’s career in weightlifting, but also to his marriage with his ex-wife. On the 90th day of the groom, Patrick, who hails from Las Vegas, said that after his career ended, he moved to Texas and started working in sales. He said he sold home security door-to-door and ran sales departments all over Texas. His brother John works with him in the company. Patrick sells the alarm system, and John installs it.

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After hearing Patrick’s words about the groom for 90 days, fans were convinced that he works in MLM, or multi-level marketing, also known as a pyramid scheme. A curious fan recently contacted Thais on Instagram to confirm this. “Who does Patrick work for? Mml [so in the original],” the fan asked. Thais innocently replied to them: “I do not know what MML is!” without correcting them. However, then Thais explained what, in her opinion, Patrick is doing at his job in the USA. According to her, Patrick is very honest in his work, and he “has been working hard for years.” Thais said he was very dedicated to his work. When Thais had just met Patrick, there were only five people in his team.

But over the past two years, Thais has watched Patrick’s team grow, and along with that, she has also seen Patrick “grow more and more.” Thais assured the 90 Day Fiancé fan that he was working without a break. Even when Patrick was in Brazil, he didn’t stop working. “We always hold meetings, worry about people, provide support,” she added. Thais believes that Patrick is very smart and honest when it comes to work. “So anything you read differently is a lie and probably someone very envious who never got what he got,” she said. She also mentioned that these envious people will never be as successful as Patrick, the star of the 90-day Groom, because “when you envy people, your whole life is unlucky.” Patrick’s LinkedIn profile shows that he has been working as the general manager of Vivint Smart Home since April 2013.

Patrick had to travel to Brazil 14 times to meet Thais before she came to America on her K-1. He claimed he wasn’t working when he went there, so he ended up losing $1,000 a day. It was a “big success” for Patrick, but Thais might not have known about it. Despite this, Thais wanted her answer to the fan of the 90-day-old groom to sound vague, but this raised more questions about the source of Patrick’s income. It is likely that TLC fans expected that now Thais would learn more about Patrick’s work and income, because he claimed that he would tell her everything after she earned his trust and became his wife.


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