90-day Fiance: Tanya shares a bold departure on the beach after Singin introduces girlfriend


The former star of the series “90-day bride” Tanya Maduro posted her new candid image on Instagram after her ex-husband Singin Colchester revealed his new girlfriend online. Singin and Tanya first appeared on the show in 2019. Since the couple did not have a special compatibility, viewers were sure that their relationship would not survive and they would break up by the end of the season. But Tanya and Syngin surprised fans by tying the knot at a beautiful open-air ceremony. However, just two years after the wedding, the couple returned in the 2nd season of “90 Day: The Single Life” and announced their breakup.

During the season, the duo showed that they have different views on their future. While Tanya wanted to increase her family, Seungin was not interested in becoming a father. Since the South African native seemed too impatient to start dating again, and Tanya seemed offended by his actions, many viewers of 90 Day Fiancé realized that the couple’s split was not mutual. After moving out of Tanya’s house, Syngin settled in Arizona and a few days ago introduced his new woman Shannon to the network.

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After Singin’s girlfriend revealed herself, Tanya shared a new racy photo on Instagram. In the photo, Tanya is wearing a green bikini, which emphasizes her skin tone and figure. She captioned the post: “Be sure to eat a peach in National Peach Month!” With the image Tanya used the hashtags “#lifewithtania” and “#singlelife”, suggesting that she is enjoying her new single life. Even though the 90 Day Fiancé graduate was devastated to see her marriage to Singin break up, it looks like she’s now ready for the next chapter of her life. Tanya has an inexplicable glow on her face, and she seems to be much happier after breaking up with her ex-husband.

Most fans of the 90-day-old bride didn’t like Tanya when she first appeared on the show. She was called in for leaving Singin alone in the United States to go on a business trip to Costa Rica. However, now Tanya was able to redeem herself with the viewers of 90 Day Fiancé. Perhaps that’s why she gets a lot of positive feedback about her latest bold image. An Instagram user commented: “Separation seems to agree with you. You look amazing!” Another user chimed in: “Go, Tanya, you look great!!! eat this Singin [so in the original].” Someone else wrote: “A lonely and glowing child.”

Since Tanya has attracted so much attention on social media, it seems that TLC has invited her to another season of “Living Alone.” Fans interested in Tanya’s journey will be happy to know that she was spotted filming with a film crew in Aruba. Even if the Connecticut native leaves the franchise, 90 Day Fiancé viewers are happy to see that she has recovered from the breakup and is moving on.


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