90-day fiance: Tanya reacts to the fact that Singin’s ex-husband reveals his new girlfriend


Tanya Maduro shocked fans of 90 Day Fiancé by reacting to photos of ex-husband Singin Colchester on Instagram with his new girlfriend Shannon. Tanya and Singin debuted in season 7 of The 90-day Groom, in which he moved to America to marry a woman from Connecticut. Tanya and Singin crossed paths during a trip to South Africa, where she was supposed to meet another man instead. Bartender Singin and Tanya met and began their journey in a relationship that ended as spontaneously as it began in the last season of 90 Day: The Single Life.

Singin moved out of Tanya’s home in Colchester and is now in San Diego, where his ex-girlfriend and Tanya herself are accusing him of violence. In January, a woman Singin allegedly dated said he had abused her during their relationship. The woman wrote to Tanya DM, and in the leaked screenshots, Singin’s ex-wife, Tanya, agreed that he allegedly became unstable when he drank during their very short-lived marriage. After the shocking allegations, Syngin took a very long break from social media. After he returned to Instagram in May, he slowly told what happened to him after 90 Days: The Single Life.

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This includes Singin having a new girlfriend named Shannon who uses @shanfrancisco on Instagram. To confirm his new romance, Singin posted romantic photos with Shannon, including one in which they both kiss. Fans wondered how Tanya would react to the news about her ex-husband, and her answer did not disappoint them. 90-day-old celebrity bride Tanya filmed herself at home holding a cell phone in her hand. She pretended as if she had just seen Singin’s post with Shannon and sighed, dropping the phone in anger and disgust. Tanya wrote: “When you see your “replacement”” in the caption to the video.

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However, Tanya said that it was just a funny post that she wanted to share with fans. “But seriously, I’m happy for Singin and his new chapter,” she explained. Tanya even asked her 152,000 followers not to use her as an excuse to cast a shadow on her ex and his new love. But Tanya stealthily added the hashtag “#ItHurtJustALittle” to really convey her feelings for Singin. It seems that the star of the reality show Singin is head over heels in love with Shannon, if you look closely at his signature and notice a smiley face in the form of a heart. Singin asked fans of 90 Day Fiancé to follow the updates and see what happens next in his new relationship. Meanwhile, he didn’t forget to mention that his love story with Shannon is the kind of story that “hasn’t been seen on TV.”

It seems that Singin is making big changes in his life since he and Tanya separated. Singin left for South Africa during his Instagram break, and on his return moved to a farm in California. Singin has longer hair than Tanya in the TV series “90-day groom”. Fans have always preferred Singin to Tanya in the storyline and expected him to dump her when she mentioned that he is not her soul mate. But Singin had his own alarms, such as a love of alcohol, which often got him into trouble. In the end, Syngin and Tanya found that they want different things in life, especially when it comes to children. The last time the couple appeared together was on 90 Day: The Single Life, and Tanya hinted at her return in season 3. It is possible that TLC will not fire Singin after he faced a massive backlash over the allegations of violence.


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