90 Day Fiancé: Tania Maduro publicly denounced the abusive behavior of this person


90 Day Fiancé has been debuting on TLC screens since 2014, its plot has captured the attention of many viewers thanks to the participation of its guests in each of the past seasons. Thanks to the success of this program, various spin-offs have also been successful.

It was through text messages that Tania Maduro revealed that her ex-husband, Syngin Colchester, physically abused her. These confessions arose after another woman also claimed to have gone through a process of emotional, physical and sexual abuse by Syngin.

On December 27, Syngin’s alleged ex-lover confessed her experience while she was dating him. She in her story detailed that Syngin Colchester was an abusive boyfriend. In addition to being cruel to this woman, he also physically and sexually abused her. Furthermore, she also commented that on November 8, she started talking to Syngin through online messaging.

Her story was published to dismantle “the type of person she really is.” The woman said that after the falling in love stage passed, the love relationship became completely dark. The story that most impacted the public was the following :

“I cleaned for him, I cooked and in turn he got drunk and called me stupid and dumb and took the phone out of my hands.” “He forced me. He smokes marijuana from morning to night constantly. He carries alcohol with him wherever he goes, he drinks and he drives, he doesn’t have car insurance.” “Drunk he becomes terribly angry, abusive, addicted to sex and humiliates people.”

The surprising thing is that this conversation was leaked on the official Instagram account of 90 Day Fiancé, and in the screenshots it was possible to see how Syngin Colchester’s ex-girlfriend publicly denounced him.

For her part, Tania Maduro congratulated this woman for having great strength to raise her voice and make her abuse complaint public. After receiving these messages blaming Syngin Colchester for her behavior, Tania’s reaction was as follows:

“Again, thank you very much for reaching out. And I hope you find peace and comfort.” “It breaks my heart to hear that his drinking problem mixed with anger has also affected you. I was hoping that the anger that would arise as a result of his drinking would be limited to our relationship, and I see that is not the case.”

As expected, many of the viewers of the TLC television channel and 90 Day Fiancé applauded Tania Maduro, for her courage and for defending the victim she suffered at the hands of her ex-partner. This space was also used by Tania to express the abuses she experienced and encourage the victims to never shut up in front of her abuser.