90-day Fiance: Stefan Matto was praised for sharing an unedited photo


The former star of the TV series “90-day groom” and the favorite of the Internet “girl with a fart” Stephanie Matto amazed her fans by showing her photo without filters and Photoshop. Stephanie tried her hand as a child actor, writer, stripper and YouTuber before she was cast in the movie “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days” with her Australian girlfriend Erica Owens. Stephanie and Erica had their first same-sex relationship on the 90th day of the groom, although some fans accused Stephanie of pretending to be bisexual. During the show, Stephanie documented her struggle with a rare blood disorder called aplastic anemia, in which even a common cold can have disastrous consequences.

But for some reason, Stephanie never became a fan favorite either during or after the season. In fact, the label of “influence hunter” refuses to leave her. Over the years, Stephanie has managed to make the best use of her fame as a 90-day fiance by launching her OnlyFans account to post adult modeling materials or recently selling her farting cans online. Fans are still skeptical about everything Stephanie does, so her claims about selling farting cans for $200,000 were called false. Stephanie’s hospitalization because she farted too much and eventually developed symptoms of a heart attack was just as incredible for some. In the same way, Stephanie suddenly had a huge finger on all her Instagram photos.

Stephanie admitted that she photoshopped her toe to make it look bigger, but it’s possible that she made a fortune selling foot photos because of the curiosity it aroused. But it seems that Stephanie’s editing skills go beyond her toes, as she has now revealed what she actually looks like without filters. During her honesty hour on Instagram, Stephanie shared two photos next to her before and after using filters. In her unshaded selfie on Instagram, the 90-day-old groom’s star pointed to a small “roll on her stomach” and “sun-damaged skin.” Stephanie admitted that she edits her photos because she is a “perfectionist.”

Then the Connecticut resident asked her more than 303 thousand subscribers to tell her truthfully whether they use filters or oppose them. For those who liked what she was wearing, Stephanie shared a link to her fresh floral print swimsuit. In her comments, Stephanie’s partner in the film “90 Day: The Single Life” by Natalie Mordovtseva, who is also often called upon to seriously edit her face and body to look slimmer, had something to say. “You look great on both of them (smiley face with applause) (emoji with fire),” Natalie told her friend Stephanie, who got married on the 90th day. To another subscriber who complained about the effects of too long exposure to the sun on the skin, Stephanie jokingly replied: “I will never stop.” Some fans have told Stephanie that she needs to give up filters because she is a natural beauty. But some subscribers were interested to know about the filter that Stephanie uses, and she replied: “faceapp and use silk filter when setting 2 or 3”.

There is no denying that Stephanie is hardworking and has reached the top simply through innovation and creativity in everything she does. Not so long ago, Stephanie started selling bottles of her sweat on her adult platform. But Stephanie’s account from TikTok, unfortunately, was deleted, as she used it to promote her sweat business. But, like any other obstacle in her career, 90-day-old celebrity Stephanie is sure to find a way out. She may continue to use filters on her face, but in fact it is her unfiltered approach to life that earns her points.