90-Day Fiance: Singin tells why he took a break on social media


Singin Colchester from 90 Day Fiancé explained his absence on social media by saying that he is not a fan of this platform. It’s no secret that fans have been criticizing Singin for various disagreements since he became the star of the famous TLC dating show. The TV presenter, who joined the TLC family with his beloved Tanya Maduro, found himself in the spotlight after the couple ended their two-year marriage. While many fans believed that the couple had broken up, Tanya later claimed that Singin was an abusive partner.

Tanya claimed to have experienced mental, physical and sexual abuse throughout her relationship with Singin. The accusations against Singin intensified after screenshots of a conversation between Tanya and Singin’s alleged ex-boyfriend were leaked to social networks. According to what was conveyed in the conversation, the alleged ex-Singina seemed upset when she complained that he was allegedly insulting Tanya, who confirmed this attitude. Tanya sympathized with the former and noted that Singin’s anger and alcohol problems were also a serious problem in their relationship.

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Shortly after the controversy that hit the headlines earlier this year, Syngin was noticeably absent from social media. However, while many might think that the South American decided to lay low because of recent controversies, he had other reasons for his break. Singin recently revisited social media and revealed the reason for his absence during a question and answer session with fans on Instagram. When asked why he had been missing from social media for so long, the TLC personality replied: “Because it’s getting overwhelming and I don’t like it.”

Singin’s revelation came after he disabled the comments section of his Instagram posts. With all the accusations swirling around him, it seemed that the TV presenter was trying to avoid negative energy from his fans, exes and alleged exes. In the end, Singin blocked fans from commenting on his posts when his alleged ex shared stories about him being a rapist on various social networks.

Singin’s response during his recent interaction with fans on Instagram may not surprise many fans of the 90-day-old groom who are aware of the controversy about his relationship. Although Singin claimed that he had never used social media, his alleged ex’s statements that he had no direction in life could have been another factor that forced him to stay out of the public eye. Singin, one of the fan favorites, started getting a lot of hateful words from commenters after the drama about his relationship hit the headlines, and it could have been overwhelming for him. Although Syngin seems to be back, it’s unclear how long, and fans will have to wait to see how things turn out.