90-day Fiance: Singin Colchester debuts with new girlfriend on Instagram


The star of the 90-day fiance Singin Colchester recently announced on social media that he has a new relationship. The announcement was made shortly after Singin took a break from Instagram after he was accused of allegedly abusing both his ex-wife Tanya Maduro and another girlfriend he had. However, the South African stated that he just took a break from social media because he found the platform overwhelming. Since Syngin and Tanya filed for divorce, the followers of the former bartender noticed that he travels a lot in the USA, and suspected that he has another serious partner. However, nothing has been confirmed- until now.

Singin and Tanya debuted in the 7th season of The 90-day Groom, and viewers were stunned by many aspects of their story. To begin with, a woman from Connecticut met Singin when she was flying to South Africa to meet another guy she met on a dating app. However, they didn’t get along, so Tanya went to a bar and met Syngin, who worked there. When Singin joined Tanya in the USA, fans were shocked to see that the couple planned to live in a shed in Tanya’s mother’s backyard and that they chose wedding tattoos instead of rings. When the couple got married, it became clear that they wanted different things. They filed for divorce, and viewers began to follow Singin’s 90-Day date: The Single Life.

Singin recently took to Instagram to confirm that he is no longer living a single life and is now dating a new woman. The reality TV star uploaded a romantic photo of him and his new girlfriend, known as “Shan Francisco,” kissing on the beach. Tanya Syngin’s ex-husband signed the photo with a simple comment: “Let’s see what happens!” Then the South African TV star cheekily added the line: “*Not* as seen on TV.” Despite this, Syngin has included hashtags for TLC and Discovery+ with the caption. His new partner, Shan Francisco, uploaded a photo of them to her personal Instagram account. In her signature, she stated that her love for Singin is her “favorite thing.”

Fans turned to the comments section of Singin’s photo to comment on his announcement. While most of them wished him all the best, some followers also warned him that they were concerned that his new partner was only doing this for the sake of fame. The 90-day fiance star Tiffany Franco also commented on the photo, saying she found the couple “weird” because she thought they looked like “siblings.” Nevertheless, she wished the new duo good luck. Syngin jokingly replied that his new girlfriend was his “stepsister”.

Although the South African reality TV star has allegedly dated several women since Tanya, his newest love interest is the only relationship he has announced on Instagram. Many fans believe that this means that the couple is serious, but others believe that the couple is just looking for influence. It is reported that Singin’s ex-girlfriend, Tanya, starred in the 3rd season of 90 Day: The Single Life is in Aruba, but it doesn’t look like Singin will appear again in the spin-off. Some viewers think Syngin may have been fired from the 90 Day FiancĂ© franchise amid allegations of abuse, although nothing has been confirmed.


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