90-day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott and Zied What will they be together in 2022?


Rebecca Parrott and Zieda Hakimi may have a huge age difference, but they are a rare couple in the 90—day Fiance franchise who have managed to mend their relationship. Like the other couple in the franchise, David Toborowski and Annie Suwan, Rebecca and Zid have a big age difference, which surprisingly worked out. Many fans of the 90-day groom are happy to see what Rebecca and Zid are up to in 2022.

When it comes to relationships with an age difference in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, couples with a big age difference often lead to the most unpleasant breakups. Therefore, many viewers were skeptical about the relationship between Rebecca and Zied when they first appeared in the series “The Groom for 90 days: up to 90 days.” American grandmother Rebecca is notorious for sharing heavily filtered photos with Tunisian Zied, who was 22 years younger than her. However, Zied surprised the audience by accepting Rebecca personally, despite the difference in her appearance. The couple got married in season 8 of The 90-day Groom, although many viewers assumed that Zid would eventually leave Rebecca for a woman closer to his age who had fewer problems with jealousy.

Rebecca and Zid surprised fans of the 90-day Groom series by making their relationship work. The couple has been strong for more than two years, and this week they shared news about a happy life. Zid posted photos of him and Rebecca enjoying the beach in his native Tunisia. Both Zied and Rebecca impressed the audience with their bright appearance. More importantly, the couple looked very happy. Rebecca has completed a weight loss course, which includes a special type of liposuction. She also turned to cosmetic fillers to reduce the effects of aging. Rebecca’s treatments have apparently helped reduce her stress due to aging and jealousy when it comes to her husband looking at other women.

Rebecca seems to be at her peak when it comes to her self-confidence after she lost weight for 90 days, even though her life hasn’t been easy over the past year. The grandmother amazed her fans by sharing videos of her shaking from uncontrollable trembling. Rebecca has since informed her fans that her doctors have not found a medical reason for her shaking. While some viewers were skeptical that Rebecca was faking or exaggerating her health problems, others expressed concern about her disturbing videos. However, she seems to be doing fine now. Fortunately, things are more positive for Zid. The Tunisian has integrated into life in the USA. Zied started working in a furniture store at the beginning of the year and seems to have settled in well.

Overall, many fans of the 90-day bride consider Rebecca and Zied an amazing success story. Many viewers were convinced that Zied would leave Rebecca for a younger American, especially given her strong and disturbing problems with jealousy, manifested in the “90-day groom”. However, the couple has demonstrated that their love for each other is real. This allowed them to celebrate two successful and healthy years of marriage and demonstrate to fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise that the age difference does not always interfere with true love.