90-day Fiance: Photos of Natalie in 2022 after losing 30 pounds of weight


The former star of the TV series “90-day groom” Natalie Mordovtseva flaunts her slender figure on social networks since she lost 30 pounds. The former cast was featured in season 7 of “90 Day Fiancé” with Sequim native Mike Youngquist in hopes of building a loving relationship. Unfortunately, due to disagreements, the couple did not work out, and they broke up after six months of marriage.

Then a native of Ukraine appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life, to find my perfect soulmate, but did not feel connected with my dates. Although Natalie’s quest for a good relationship has not been a success, her fitness journey has certainly been much more positive. Since her debut in the spin-off, the former contestant has completely changed her appearance. She changed her makeup technique, tried different hairstyles and stunned the 90 Day Fiancé audience with unique makeup.

Most importantly, she surprised fans with her weight loss of 30 pounds. In an Instagram post, Natalie revealed her secret weight loss trick and shared a detailed explanation of her new diet. She talked about everything from taking her morning coffee to how she cooks food.

July 2021

Since Natalie lost weight, she has posted impressive photos on Instagram and confidently demonstrated her transformed body. In the summer of 2021, a Ukrainian beauty shared a photo worthy of a poster and wrote: “A woman is like an echo— how you treat her, that’s how she responds.” The post shows Natalie sitting on a wooden bench, and the coastal wind blows her hair. In the picture, the former participant of the filming is dressed in a stunning black crop top and a white skirt. The post proves that Natalie now looks completely different than when she was on the show, as she has a sharper jawline, longer hair and a great sense of style.

September 2021

Another of Natalie’s amazing posts dates back to the end of 2021. In the photo, the former actor is standing on the side of the road, posing sideways and looking directly into the camera. In the post, the reality TV star flaunts her slim waist and curves in a white dress with a leaf pattern. Natalie looks great in the photo and has noticeably lost weight like never before. Although the “90-day Groom” star has never been overweight, her 30-pound weight loss has certainly made her more confident. She used her stunning photo to talk about mental health, and asked her fans not to forget to “stay positive.”

June 2022

Recently, Natalie shared a photo that shows how much weight loss has affected her figure. In her Sunset post, 38-year-old Natalie shared a gorgeous photo of herself enjoying the sunset from her seaside balcony. Natalie posed with her hand on her waist, showing off her long legs in an elegant outfit. Fans and stars of the 90-day groom adored the image of Natalie and shared cute comments to support her. Varya Malina commented: “Wow,” and a fan wrote, “WOW!! Just great! All the furniture down to the heels. Beautiful!” Interested fans of the 90-day-old groom can watch Natalie’s cooking videos to learn more about her weight loss diet.


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