90-day fiance: Natalie tells how her body changed after leaving Mike


Natalie Mordovtseva explained how leaving her husband Mike Youngquist, who was the groom for 90 days, changed her appearance. The 36-year-old girl came to America in the 8th season of “90 Day Fiancé” after she broke up with Mike during the show “Tell-All” in the previous season. Natalie accused Mike of cheating on her with his best friend and threw an engagement ring at him. So when Natalie announced that her K-1 visa had been approved, fans who didn’t expect Mike and Natalie to stay together at all were shocked. Natalie’s critics grew by the minute with each episode of season 8, as well as after she and Mike got married in the movie “The Groom for 90 Days: Happily Ever After?”. Season 6.

Mike, 36, met Natalie through mutual friends and fell in love with the Ukrainian TV actress so much that he proposed to her three months later. But Mike soon began to doubt his decision and even chickened out on their wedding day, after admitting that he did not see a future with Natalie, a partner in the 90-day groom. During the three months that Natalie stayed, wondering if she and Mike would get married, she began to change physically. Later, during the six free months, while they were husband and wife, while they lived in Sekima, Natalie looked even more different. Natalie was rapidly gaining weight, and fans even speculated about her pregnancy.

As it turned out, Natalie had never been pregnant, but just gained a few extra pounds. Natalie now looks completely transformed as a woman with the label “married, separated”, which she wore on 90 Day: The Single Life. In the second season of the spin-off, fans watched as Natalie began her modeling career; she even dated a model, and later with the owner of a modeling agency. In her latest Instagram post, where Natalie revealed that she likes to read fan comments on her uploads, a fan praised Natalie for her “great shape.” Natalie’s subscriber praised her abs and said her hair looks “cute.” The fan suggested that Natalie began to look better after she threw Mike, who “dragged” her down. Natalie replied to them: “A healthy life without stress.”

Natalie had previously commented on her sudden weight gain and mentioned that it was due to the stress of eating. She managed to gain almost 20 pounds. Natalie took antidepressants during a difficult marriage with Mike and felt unhappy and terrible. The situation began to change for Natalie, a celebrity on day 90, and her now toned and gorgeous body after she had a three-month keto diet combined with intermittent fasting. Natalie went in for sports, did liposuction in the right places and now seems to rely on workouts, swimming and cryotherapy.

Mike doesn’t seem to have divorced Natalie yet after giving her several warnings in the “90-day fiance” that could lead to her deportation. However, Natalie is still in America, which makes fans wonder if Mike still hopes to bring her back. Natalie hints at a return, and it is quite possible that she will play a major role in the new season of “90 Day: The Single Life». Like Mike’s mother, Trish Youngquist, some fans think that Natalie married Mike just to get a green card and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress in the United States. Although it may take Natalie some time to get to Hollywood, she continues to show her physical transformation on social media and on TLC cameras.