90-day fiance: Miona talks in detail about the “obstacles” in the field of health care that she faces in America


“The New 90-Day Fiance” star Miona Bell recently shared several health issues she faced after moving to the United States. Miona is one of several new actors introduced in season 9 of 90 Day FiancĂ©, along with her fiance Jibri Bell. Miona and Djibri met in Serbia, where Miona lived while Djibri was touring with his band. They had a quick and passionate relationship, and as a result, Jibri quickly made an offer, which Miona gladly accepted. At the beginning of the season, Miona traveled from Serbia to Rapid City, South Dakota to marry Jibri and start a new life together.

During the season, Miona faced several obstacles while trying to adjust to life in South Dakota with Jibri. Jibri often expresses concern that he will not be able to provide the luxurious lifestyle that Miona desires, for example, the desire to live in Los Angeles. In an effort to save money, Miona and Jibri decided to live with his parents for a while. Jibri’s mother also faced several disagreements with Miona, including her disapproval of the way Miona dresses.

In a series of recent Instagram stories, Miona told fans that dealing with the healthcare system in the United States was “very scary.” Miona explained that Serbia is a country that provides its citizens with universal free medical care, and that it was difficult to adapt to the fact that this is not the case in the United States. In particular, the Serbian star of the TV series “90-day groom” became worried when she ran out of birth control pills, because everyone around her told her that she would have to pay “hundreds of dollars” to get another package. However, Miona says Planned Parenthood eventually became a “lifeline” for her, providing her with a “free prescription and pills delivered to her home.”

Birth control is not the only medicine to which Mione has had difficulty finding access. In the following story, she spoke in detail about her frustrations associated with trying to get contact lenses, medications for urinary tract infections, and even pills for motion sickness. “Everything was either so difficult, or insanely expensive, or they waited a long time,” she commented. It seems that in the end, the 90-day fiance star Mion was able to get everything she needed, but she admitted that for others it might not be the case. Apparently, Miona is disappointed with access to health care in her new country, and she ended her Instagram post: “The US, as one of the richest countries in the world, needs to do more.”

Miona is certainly a firework, as can be seen from the show, but it is clear that she speaks out on issues she is passionate about, and the American health care system is no exception. She is not the only foreign member of the franchise who is struggling to get basic medical care, as a 90-day fiance: before the star of 90 days, Hamza Mokniy also had difficulty receiving and paying for dental services. Miona is having a hard time in season 9 of The 90-day Groom, and her additional problems with the American health care system may make her regret leaving her home in Serbia.