90-Day Fiance: Kalani reveals why she wants to leave Utah


The former star of the series “90-day groom” Kalani Faagata said that she wants to leave Utah amid rumors of her divorce from her husband Azuelu Pulaa. Fans know Kalani from her debut in the 6th season of the TV series “90 days of the groom” with Azuelu, who then came to the United States to marry the mother of his child. Kalani was on vacation in Samoa when she bumped into Azuelu, the event director at the resort she was staying at, and they developed a close bond. Kalani became pregnant by Azuelu, Oliver, and after their wedding, on the 90th day of the groom, she gave birth to her second son Kennedy. The couple’s marriage has been full of ups and downs, and recently Azuela confirmed the breakup rumors on Instagram.

The divorce of Kalani and Azuelu was discussed several times in the series “90-day groom” and its spin-offs. But in June, professional dancer Azuelu said that Kalani had changed and was now “different.” Azuelu mentioned that he provides everything for Kalani and his sons, while his lack of responsibility was one of Kalani’s biggest problems. Fan favorite 90 Day Fiancé Azuelou talked about wanting to have his own space, but Kalani did not agree with this. He hoped he could sell their Utah home so he could get back to work soon. A few days later, Azuelu suggested that he was not married, in a very mysterious video on Instagram.

To make things even more complicated, now Kalani is talking again about how she wants to let go of their house and Utah completely. When a fan asked Kalani if she liked living in Utah, she replied that she “deeply” hated it. Kalani told a fan that if they ever wondered what it was like to “live in a satanic ass,” they should look no further than Southern Utah. “Please, someone, buy my house so I can go back to California,” added reality TV star Kalani. She wrote that she needed a “beach, Disneyland” and that no one should call “family members the N-word.” Kalani told about the realization of her desire into reality.

Kalani is half Samoan on her father’s side. She was born in California, but her father emigrated from Samoa to the United States before he met her mother. According to InTouch, Kalani and her father bought a house in Washington, Utah, in June 2018. It was put up for sale at the end of May 2022 and, according to Kalani, is still for sale. The house is located on a 0.22 acre lot and was originally listed for $589,990, although the price was later lowered to $549,999 on June 13. The house of Kalani and Azuelu has five bedrooms, two living rooms, four bathrooms and a huge backyard. 2,424 square feet.

It looks like the price of the house has been lowered after Azuelu posted his lengthy message about why Kalani is missing from his social media posts. Azuelu and Kalani were in the last season of the 90-day Groom: Happily Ever After? but they are nowhere to be seen in the new line-up of season 7. If they’re not a secret seventh couple, fans can only find out if Azuela and Kalani are together if they star in another episode of The 90 Days Diaries. According to Azuelou, his contract affects how much he can talk about his relationship with Kalani with 90 Day Fiancé fans online. To prove his point, Azuelu gave the middle finger to a curious fan who recently seemed interested in him and Kalani.