90-day Fiance: Juliana shocks by creating art with the help of a pregnant belly


Juliana Custodio, a participant in the filming of the film “Pregnant Bride on the 90th day”, demonstrated her drawing skills by making a canvas out of her tummy. Brazilian model Juliana became a reality TV star after her debut in the 7th season of “90 Day Fiancé”. Juliana was 20 when Michael, who described himself as a “sleazy, rich guy stalking a young sexy woman,” met her on a yacht in Croatia. The father of two minor children married Juliana on the TLC show, and fans wondered if she was for Michael’s money. But two years later, Juliana and Michael are no longer together, and she left America to be with her new boyfriend and the baby that is due soon.

Michael called Juliana his “soul mate,” but, according to her, in the last few months of their marriage, she was treated like a servant. Juliana called the relationship toxic, and Michael called the breakup a victim of COVID-19. Although the news of Juliana and Michael’s separation came in October 2021, a month later she announced that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Ben and lives in Germany. In January 2022, Juliana was accused of cheating on Michael during their marriage and questioned the paternity of her child. Juliana held her head high amid the controversy when Ben supported her when the couple announced they were having a baby boy this summer, who would be named Benjamin.

Juliana is a successful model, often appearing on the covers of fashion magazines. She is professional in her field, and it shows. But it seems that Ben influenced Juliana to explore her artistic side, as he seems to belong to the art world himself. Juliana, who had previously impressed fans of 90 Day Fiancé with a quick sketch of actor Johnny Depp, has now decided to drop the paper and draw her belly. The expectant mother used a marker to draw something similar to a child holding a teddy bear on her stomach. In an Instagram video, Juliana soon began filling in the drawing with colors to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” by Kristina Perry.

Juliana, looking great in a black top and gray shorts, finally showed her work, which depicts a child holding a blue bear in a sailor suit. The native of Goiana was proud of her creation, as fans and colleagues from the film “The 90-day groom” expressed their shock about the masterpiece created by Juliana. “Oh my God, this is amazing,” wrote Yara Zaya. “You are insanely talented. Waaaaa,” added actress Conchita Liflang. Molly Hopkins’ friend and Pillow Talk fan Cynthia Decker called Juliana’s art “precious,” while 90 Day Fiancé graduate Akigny Obala wrote: “Wow, wow, wow, that was so good.” In the end, Juliana told one of her Instagram followers that although she doesn’t usually draw, she wanted to try something new using her belly, and it worked.

Juliana’s post, which has now gained more than 25,000 likes, has several TLC viewers commenting that they never knew about her secret talent. Some even asked Juliana to illustrate children’s books. Juliana really didn’t have a smooth pregnancy, and she discussed her struggle with being overweight with fans. Juliana has been honest about her concerns on social media, including once when she talked about her baby not kicking and not moving all day. glad to see a new member added to the 90-day groom’s family.