90-day fiance: Jovi says he and Yara are going through a “difficult period”


The popular star of the 90-day groom Jovi Dufresne said that he and his wife Yara Zaya did not get rid of a difficult period more than two years after the wedding. Jovi and Yara became a popular and hot franchise couple after their debut in the 8th season of “90 Day FiancĂ©”. Yara and Jovi met when they met on a travel app. Soon they explored many places around the world until they realized that Yara was pregnant. Unfortunately, Yara had a miscarriage, and Jovi, who was not with her then, broke her heart. However, Yara moved to Jovi in the United States, and their path to the passage was filled with many obstacles.

Due to Jovi’s hard work as an ROV supervisor, he had to be absent from Yara for months. Soon after Yara arrived in New Orleans, she became pregnant again. Jovi was absent from work for most of Yara’s pregnancy, and when he returned, she was devastated to learn that he was not a responsible family man. Jovi’s love of alcohol and strip clubs angered Yara, who said she wanted to return to Ukraine. Yara is tired of Jovi still living a bachelor life, despite the fact that he now has a wife and child. But Yara and Jovi trusted their relationship enough and tried to fix it again. Fans are following Jovi and Yara’s relationship on social media, as they are currently trying to find a city to settle in.

However, in fact, the relationship between Jovi and Yara is not as smooth as it seems on Instagram. Jovi talked a lot with his fans about their marriage. During a new Q&A session, Jovi talked about the reality of his life with Yara and baby Maila. A fan asked him if he felt that he and the partner of the 90-day-old bride Yara had come out of their “difficult period”. Jovi laughed and replied: “Not at all.” He reminded the fan that they have a small child and they both work around the clock and seven days a week. Due to their busy work schedule, Yara and Jovi have almost no time left to spend together during the day.

“No, we are not almost out of our difficult period yet,” Jovi admitted. But he seems to be praying for better days. “Hopefully sometime soon,” he added. On the other hand, Jovi admitted that it was “worse” in the past. But what they are facing right now is “still hard.” Meanwhile, Jovi said that his working turnovers have gotten better, and he is grateful for that. 90-day-old celebrity bride Jovi still works around the clock even in the summer and has no fun plans with Yara. “I wish we had a little hahaha. Any ideas???,” Jovi asked his 337,000 followers. Jovi also said that he plans to get a small “inner” dog for Maila soon, because she loves pets.

But this will have to wait until Jovi and Yara calm down. They are still trying to find a place that fits their lifestyle. Jovi and his family temporarily stayed in hotels to feel what it’s like to live in different cities. So far, the shortlist includes Florida, Texas and Arizona, and Maila liked Florida. Jovi admits that he wouldn’t have stayed with Yara if Maila hadn’t entered their lives. The beginning of their marriage was very difficult, and it was thanks to Maila that these 90-day relationship of the bride allegedly survived.