90-day Fiance: Jovi Dufresne admits he played a prank on fans

Just 24 hours after the publication of a photo in which he was completely bald, the star of the 90-day fiance Jovi Dufresne reported that it was photoshopped. Fans were shocked when the reality star posted a photo with his wife and daughter, exposing his completely bald head. The audience was even more surprised that his wife Yara Zaya looked so calm in the photo next to her newly bald husband. Some asked if Jovi shaved his head because he lost a bet. The audience was so surprised because they were used to seeing a man from New Orleans with a shock of thick dark brown hair.
After debuting in the 8th season of the TV series “90 Days of the groom”, Jovi and Yara quickly became fan favorites. Viewers like how “real” the couple seemed on television, facing everyday difficulties. The duo had problems, such as Jovi’s previous job, which caused him to leave for a long time. The two also quarreled over Jovi’s drunkenness and love of strip clubs, which Yara was not enthusiastic about. Despite these problems, Jovi and Yara welcomed daughter Maila at the end of the 8th season of the 90-day Groom. Viewers love to follow the antics of a family of three on social media.
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After the prank with the bald photo, Jovi took to Instagram to prove that he didn’t actually shave his head. The 90-day-old Groom star re-posted the same photo on his social media, this time showing that he still had his usual hairstyle and wasn’t actually bald. The man from New Orleans simply signed the photo: “Sorry for the fright” and added a series of laughing emojis. In the comments, some fans claimed that they knew all along that Jovi hadn’t actually shaved his head. Others admitted that he “got them,” and they really believed that his head was shaved.
In addition to the caption apologizing for scaring his fans, the reality TV star did not give any explanation why he decided to deceive his followers with a fake bald photo in the first place. Upon learning that Jovi still has hair, many viewers expressed relief in the comments. Some fans have told the reality TV star that they hope he never shaves his head. However, other subscribers were disappointed, noting that, in their opinion, the man from New Orleans looks good with a new hairstyle. Some fans liked his appearance so much that they encouraged him to shave his head for real.
Reality TV stars Jovi and Yara often share funny photos and videos on social networks. Therefore, a prank with a bald photo is not something out of the ordinary for Maila’s dad. While many of Jovi’s followers are probably curious about what inspired her fake photo, it’s unlikely that Jovi will give an answer. Fans like the funny videos of Jovi and Yara, and they were upset by the recent rumors that the couple is splitting up. Fortunately, it seems that this was just a rumor, as it was recently confirmed that Jovi and Yara will play the main roles in the movie “The Groom for 90 Days: Happily ever After?”. Season 7. Thus, viewers of 90 Day FiancĂ© will be able to see more antics of these fan-favorite couples soon enough.