90-Day Fiance: Jeffrey Went Petitioning for a New Trial


Former actor of the series “90-day groomJeffrey Pashel filed a petition for a new trial after he was sentenced to 18 years in prison without parole. TLC viewers may remember the 44-year-old reality TV star by his appearance in season 4 of “The Groom for 90 Days: Up to 90 Days” with his 33-year-old partner Varya Malina. The couple found each other on the Internet, and after a little chat, Jeffrey flew to Russia to meet Varya in person. At first, many viewers liked the storyline of this beautiful couple, but soon they learned about Jeffrey’s criminal past. After fans demanded that TLC fire the Knoxville resident from the show, he was not invited to the 4th season of the show “Until 90 Days”.

Although the network terminated Jeffrey’s contract, he was able to maintain his fame on Instagram for a long time. But he eventually lost most of his loyal supporters after being found guilty of assaulting and kidnapping one of his former partners. Most fans were thrilled when the 90 Day Fiancé graduate was finally sentenced to 18 years in prison in February.

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Jeffrey and his lawyer Greg Isaacs have filed a motion for a new trial. Ahead of the hearing of the new trial, Greg spoke to Court TV and stated that there are many strong arguments in favor of Jeffrey’s case. One of the main reasons he is seeking a new trial is that the victim, Kristen Wilson Chapman, stated during cross-examination that Jeffrey had abused her prior to the incident in June 2019. Greg then objected to her testimony and even called on the judge to declare a mistrial. Since the prosecution did not notify the defense that they would present these alleged past allegations, Greg believes that this was a good reason for a new trial.

Greg does not want to appeal Jeffrey’s criminal case, but he is only looking for relief after sentencing, which includes early release, a new trial or a change of sentence. While Jeffrey’s legal team is confident in their case, many viewers of 90 Day Fiancé believe that justice has prevailed. A social media user commented: “He got an absolutely fair trial and he’s exactly where he needs to be.” Another user chimed in: “He just wants to keep torturing this woman.” Someone else wrote, “He’s a scumbag looking for camera time.” Another user joked that Jeffrey and Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, Amber Heard, would be the perfect couple.

Fans who have seen photos of the victim during the two-day trial do not believe in Jeffrey’s innocence. In fact, they praised Judge Kyle Hickson for not falling for his nice guy thing and keeping him behind bars for 18 years. Jeffrey’s on-screen partner, Varya, is still in a relationship with him, but viewers of the 90-day Bride series feel that she will soon be disappointed in him.