90-Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals the Terrible Way Gino Gaslifted Her


The former star of the 90-day groom Jasmine Pineda shocked fans by telling them that her fiance Gino Palazzolo continues to gaslight and manipulate her. 34-year-old Panamanian Jasmine may not have started as a fan favorite on TLC, but it was how she handled Gino’s behavior that earned her love from the 90-day groom: in front of the audience for 90 days. 52-year-old Gino fell in love with Jasmine after meeting her on the Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy website and expressed a desire to marry her. Gino began to support Jasmine financially, but also behaved sparingly when it came to fulfilling her demands. Fans wanted Jasmine to dump Gino, especially after she caught him texting with his ex and sending nude photos of her to a woman.

Jasmine, who had just begun to trust Gino, saw her life crumble when she found out about his conversation with his former sugar baby. Confronted with Jasmine, who eventually lost her job after someone sent photos to her employer, Gino tried to prove that she was overreacting. Gino wanted Jasmine to understand that these were her topless photos, not naked bodies. In the end, Jasmine swallowed her pride and gave Gino another chance because of how much she loved him. During Tell-All, Jasmine even decided to support Gino when Ben Rathbun’s girlfriend Jessica accused him of slipping into her DM.

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Gino has clearly done more than enough to justify the breakup. And although Jasmine is going to go to America and marry Gino, it seems he doesn’t care. Jasmine posted a video on Instagram in which she sings the Portuguese song “Lambada” by Kaoma. Jasmine wrote the English translation of the text in her signature and marked Gino’s Instagram account. “So this isn’t the first time this has happened,” Jasmine told her Instagram followers. She added that Gino mentioned things he “shouldn’t have mentioned” before giving an example. During Gino’s last video call with Jasmine, he mentioned something “three times” when she recalled their trips to Panama together. The famous 90-day-old groom Gino said something like, “Yes, baby, I love visiting you in Brazil, and I love being in Brazil.”

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According to Jasmine, Gino talked about Brazil three times, although not in a row. In the end, Jasmine, who was terribly offended, asked Gino, “Who do you think you’re talking to, baby? This is Jasmine, your fiancee from Panama. Jasmine admitted that, as is usually the case with Gino, he was gassing her and stated that he had never said that. That’s why Jasmine decided to sing a famous Portuguese song from Brazil addressed to Gino, just to get back at him. Jasmine warned fans of 90 Day FiancĂ© to watch the video at their own risk, as she thinks she is a bad singer. Fans clearly didn’t mind Jasmine’s voice, but what bothered them was that Gino gaslit Jasmine. Moreover, Jasmine wrote that “then he wanted me to apologize to him for listening to this,” to a fan in her comments.

Fans refuse to believe that such a strong woman as Jasmine continues to stay with Gino, who behaves disgustingly not only on the “90-day groom”, but also behind the scenes. They think Jasmine is the perfect ten and deserves someone who is not a narcissist. Jasmine’s K-1 visa has been pre-approved, and yet people think it would be better if she left her fiance. They want Jasmine to be careful, because Gino is not as naive and innocent as he made some viewers of the 90-day groom believe. But on a lighter note, fans asked Jasmine if she could get Gino to take her on vacation to Brazil as an apology, as her birthday is approaching and she is planning a solo trip.