90-Day Fiance: Jasmine Reveals the Real Reason She had Plastic surgery


Jasmine Pineda became honest and told fans of 90 Day Fiancé about all her plastic surgeries and how much she spent on them. 34-year-old American lighting teacher Jasmine became famous after the fifth season of the TV series “The Groom for 90 days: up to 90 days”, which documented her relationship with Gino Palazzolo. After dating on Sugar daddy’s website, Gino and Jasmine dated at a distance for nine months before meeting in person. Gino was so in love with Jasmine’s beauty and intelligence that he paid for her teeth, hair, face and lips, wanting to get engaged to her during his first trip to Panama City.

Although Gino was unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was smart enough with his savings to pay for Jasmine’s needs. Fans began to speculate about what Gino’s money was actually paid for and which of her procedures he financed. They suspected she had had surgery on her nose, but clearing up their confusion, Jasmine explained that the only surgery she had had was on her chest in 2016. Jasmine paid $6,000 for them out of her university salary in Panama. Due to her weight, skin and body type, Jasmine was able to install implants for only 500 ml.

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In her latest YouTube video, Jasmine shed light on why she really had a breast augmentation and how it relates to the desire to avenge the body. “By that time I was so thin, in fact I was underweight, I was at risk, I was too thin,” admitted Jasmine, a fan favorite of the 90—day groom. She worked hard, ate poorly, experienced anxiety and depression. Jasmine claims that there is no difference between “male breasts” and her breasts, and after her ex-husband cheated on her, Jasmine separated from him and began to transform. Jasmine told fans of 90 Day Fiancé that they can contact her to find out details about her plastic surgeon. Jasmine, who has hair falling out on her eyebrows and eyelashes and who considers herself pale, has also done permanent makeup.

Jasmine got braces for the first time when she was 14 years old, and her mom shelled out $3,000 for her orthodontics. But Jasmine didn’t wear retainers, so by the age of 30 her teeth had shifted. This time, the “90-day Groom” star spent $1,200 on braces. She later lost one tooth in a motorcycle accident. Jasmine had a dental implant inserted in Colombia, and the entire trip cost her $1,300, including treatment. Jasmine admitted that she gets the most criticism for her lips. But Jasmine’s lips used to be very thin. “I wanted to feel what it’s like to have lips,” said Jasmine, who now loves her big lips. Jasmine has put fillers on her lips five times already, and each time it cost her $ 250. Jasmine’s lips used to be dark, so she got a cosmetic tattoo. It cost Jasmine $180, and she did it four times. According to Jasmine, Gino paid for her $100 hair extensions only once, as well as the first time she had lips done.

Jasmine often continues to tell fans that she didn’t have rhinoplasty like some of the other stars of the 90-day groom. But Jasmine is afraid of radical changes in her appearance, such as nose surgery or fox eyes. Jasmine spends a lot of money on her thinning hair. Jasmine admits that she cried after reading the angry comments she receives from viewers of 90 Day Fiancé. But she also believes that fans deserve answers to their questions, and believes in the mantra “everything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and Jasmine continues to receive praise for her honesty.