90-Day Fiance: How Emily Fails to Give Kobe the Benefit of the Doubt


As the 9th season of the 90-day Groom series ends soon, couples are struggling to get to the altar, but some fans believe that Emily Biberli does not trust Cobie Blaze. Kobe and Emily met for the first time in China, and an undeniable connection was immediately established between them. A month later, the couple got pregnant and got engaged. Emily returned to the States and waited two years to see the love of her life. However, Kobi’s move to America was not as easy as they had hoped.

The couple often quarrel, which sometimes leads to swearing and aggressive tones towards each other. Emily tends to be a little bossy with their son Koban, who is barely 2 years old, and even made Kobi sleep in a separate room. Now their hidden pregnancy seems to add extra pressure to the chaotic couple. Despite Kobe’s sacrifices and his willingness to do what will make Emily happy, she still lacks faith in her other half.

Aside from their obvious differences in parenting styles and occasional arguments, Emily and Kobe of the 90-day-old groom seem to have gotten worse when she bought her own engagement ring. After claiming that she was the only supplier and therefore they couldn’t make frivolous purchases like a mattress, she bought a beautiful one-carat ring “just in case.” A few days later, Kobi gave her a surprise, and she had no choice but to reveal her secret. Alas, their relationship escalated shortly after Kobe’s girlfriend Temperament arrived.

The temperature is another Cameroonian living in Ohio. Coming to visit a chaotic couple at their wedding, Temperament announced that Emily needed to follow Kobe’s orders, since that’s how their culture works. Emily from the 90-day fiance has such a strong personality that even her family finds it funny that any Cameroonian would think she would let Kobe take the reins of power into her own hands. However, after finding a search for one-bedroom apartments on Kobe’s tablet, Emily wonders if Kobe expects her to become more submissive. Now, upcoming previews reveal Emily’s inability to go with the flow as she confronts Kobi about his intentions again.

On the one hand, Emily needs to get to know her partner and make sure they’ve agreed on their future before walking down the aisle. On the other hand, the way Emily handles situations often adds more confusion than clarity. With another baby on the way, tensions are high, but Kobi from 90 Day Fiancé seems to want nothing more than to take care of her children. After all, there are rumors that the couple got married, and fans can’t wait to see how they fare in future episodes of “The 90-day Groom.”


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