90-Day Fiance: Evelyn Reveals The Real Reason She Won’t Get Pregnant


The former star of the franchise “90 days of the groom” Evelyn Villegas recently said that she does not want to sacrifice her body for the sake of having a child. For the first time she was featured in the film “The Groom for 90 days: Another Way” with her American partner Corey Ratgeber. The couple had a tumultuous relationship on the show, which went through several breakups. During one of these breakups, Corey started a relationship with another woman named Jenny. But Evelyn and her beau worked on their differences, attending counseling and mending their relationship.

Evelyn and Corey are now living a happy family life, but the 33-year-old reality TV star still refuses to be a mother. In 2021, she shared that she didn’t want to have a Measles baby because she didn’t want to give up her freedom to enjoy a beach holiday. Evelyn mentioned that if she had a baby, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her life as usual. Corey also said that he does not want to have children yet, confirming that neither Evelyn nor Corey are interested in expanding their family.

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Although a year has passed since then, it seems that Evelyn’s thoughts about motherhood have not changed. During a recent question and answer on Instagram, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise graduate revealed whether she would ever change her mind about having a baby. She wrote: “I really don’t think so,” adding that she is open to adoption, but won’t sacrifice her body by getting pregnant. She can get a surrogate mother for her child to avoid changing her appearance. But Evelyn admitted that this is an expensive procedure, so now she wants to focus on earning more. She concluded her answer by stating that she only loves children when they are not her own.

Responding to another 90 Day Fiancé fan, Ecuadorian-born Evelyn told if she still suffers from panic attacks. She wrote: “Yes, I know,” adding that therapy helps her to unload. Evelyn mentioned that she also changed her diet. She said: “Less sugar, no coffee, no alcohol (no more), drops of valerian, passionflower syrup and lots of chamomile tea.” The cast of the 90-Day Bride franchise is trying to stay away from negative things and learning to cope with their anxiety.

Although Evelyn was angry at Corey for cheating on her with Jenny, she claimed that her wedding was the happiest day of her life. However, even at such a joyful moment in her life, Evelyn refused to have a child. Since Cory comes from a large family with five siblings, he wants to have children of his own in the future. It will be interesting to see if the couple will ever come to an agreement or eventually adopt a baby. Whatever decision they make, fans of 90 Day Fiancé hope it will delight them for the rest of their lives.


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